Voted the “Best Wedding Planner in Los Angeles” by California Wedding Day Magazine, we at Marisa Nicole Events believe it shouldn’t be so darn hard to relax and enjoy your own party! We believe in custom built celebrations that tell a story – your story. We specialize in planning weddings and events that are chic, distinct, on schedule, and one-heck-of-a good time. When all eyes are on you, it is Marisa Nicole Events you can count on to take care of all the lovely details, put out raging fires, and keep your guests happy! Whatever your style and personality, we are here to ensure that your special day is one-of-a-kind, super fun, and stress free!


– Principal Designer & Planner, MA, CSEP; “The Petite Paisan” see also “Event Planning Badass”

Marisa hails from a large, loud Italian family and the great state of Virginia. Loving them both dearly, but needing to pave her own way, she relocated to the West Coast, picking up a Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Studies, a Bachelors Degree in Theatre, and a ton of event experience along the way before launching her own boutique planning & design firm. She has been distinguished as a Certified Special Events Professional by the International Live Events Association. She is inspired by handspun, distinct, and gorgeously-styled events that serve to create a deeply personal affair.

Marisa has always been passionate about getting people together to celebrate. Combine that with a sharp eye for design, crazy obsession to detail, and tight organizational skills (not to mention a downright fun personality), and you get one kick-booty planner! She has been professionally designing events for fifteen years and has just the right amount of sass and savvy to create your memorable event, that tells your unique story, in your own fabulous style!

– event coordinator; “the foodie” see also “the fashionista”

Claire joined the Marisa Nicole Events team in 2015 and in no time became Marisa’s protégé. This SoCal gal grew up in the oh-so-green “city” of Palos Verdes. Living in such a gorgeous setting, she spent her formative years surrounded by stunning backdrops, instilling within her a love for nature and beauty. As a part of a family who knows how to throw a good party, Claire was bound to adore all that is design and detail. Claire can coordinate and style a celebration with the best of them and has quickly established herself Marisa’s “go-to” gal!

Claire is a lover of stories and a sucker for words. It is nearly impossible for this family gal to keep her eyes from welling up when she hears a heartfelt, nostalgic toast. And when it comes to cake, Claire is not afraid to go all out – layers of white and almond cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting- decadently fabulous.

– assistant event coordinator; “lady rocky” see also “the linguist”

A bi-lingual beauty (fluent in Mandarin and English), Annemarie is always ready for a challenge! Her optimism and spirited nature can’t help but make you smile. Perhaps one of the most punctual people you will ever meet, she will always find time to help. Annemarie keeps Marisa on her toes with her sassy side and quick wit! Annemarie is also instrumental in cultivating Marisa Nicole Events social media and PR strategies (that’s right people, she’s the lady you want to hit up for that #instashoutout).

This gal is all about the the traditions of a wedding, but her true eye for design lies in a bohemian style, outdoor layout. And the cake? If there is vanilla buttercream frosting then she will be there! But, if you had to pick her favorite part of a wedding, nothing brings her to tears faster than the love between the bride and the groom.

– assistant event coordinator; “the health nut” see also “the sweetheart”

Haley is one classy dame! She is always dressed for success and has a fervorous love for all things green & healthy. With a natural eye for what works aesthetically and a head for how to keep things on track, she has the perfect combo of skills and personality to make her valued member of the Marisa Nicole Events coordination team! Haley loves rustic, naturally organic weddings with muted tones and all around loveliness.

Despite her chic outfit, perfectly styled accessories and professional smile, she likes to keep things playful, which is why she just loves when it comes time for couples to cut the cake! Haley is all about a healthy combination of a simple vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, and of course it must be decorated with beautiful light pink roses for this gal to indulge!

– Technical Support; “Artist in Residence” see also “the first gentleman of weddings”

Timothy Ronca is the man, behind the woman, behind Marisa Nicole Events. He does everything from troubleshooting technical issues to editing copy, and a variety of random tasks in-between. Although his main gig is as a television cameraman, he has been known to moonlight as a wedding photographer.

Being married to an event planner isn’t always a piece of cake! As Marisa’s husband, Tim hears more about the perfectly balanced table-scape than most men in their thirties care to. He knows when peonies are in season. He knows when up-lights are necessary. And he knows that his favorite wedding cake combo is… who are we kidding, he will eat just about any kind of cake.