Love Found in the Heart of L.A. – Allison & Matthew Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Before the end of the year, we have one more wedding  to share with you. We loved creating this wedding with the couple to bring in their different backgrounds and fun personalities into the fabric of their day. Without further ado, we are happy to share the wedding of Allison & Matt with you, one of our favorite couples of last year.

Allison and Matt are a fun-loving couple that doesn’t take themselves too serious. The love between the couple sparked when they met in college at Yale University. Matt is a Jewish actor and composer while Allison is a catholic scholar of love in literature. For Allison’s Irish background, the couple opted for a traditional wedding at St. Ambrose Catholic Church located in West Hollywood. As urban-foodie lovers and Allison’s love for literature, it only made sense that the couple decided to hold their reception at Cafe Pinot located in the heart of downtown directly beside the Los Angeles Public Library.

We worked with Allison and Matt to create an enchanted urban garden filled with color and pattern that the guests could never forget. The design had a tailored elegance inspired by the colors of their alma mater using navy and greens with white touches and pops of copper (foxy, foxy foxy!). We wanted the place to glow, so we used florals with muted, neutral tones surrounded by candles galore to emphasize the natural and organic atmosphere with bistro lights overhead and uplights throughout the space to light up the night.

If you had not noticed, the name cards were paired with Irish bells. This Irish tradition is two-fold: to keep the bad spirits away, and as a signal for the couple to kiss (opposed to the old glass clink)! It was really important to this pair that their guests have a super fun time, so we incorporated “game night” fun with customized playing cards as party favors, and board games in the lounge area. Oh, and our favorite touch was the fancy-pants scotch tasting bar that kept the party going all night long!

The food was catered by the Patina restaurant group and was absolutely to die for. The night ended with an adorable cutting of the cake and a sweet kiss from the couple as the guests partied the night away.

Allison and Matthew’s wedding was a celebration to remember. We are so grateful for apart of this celebration for Allison and Matt! Congratulations to the happy couple and thank you for another fun night out!

Vendor Love

Floral Frenzy: All About the Flowers

Good morning, lovelies!

Fall is here and winter is coming, but at Marisa Nicole Events, our minds are always on spring and summer where everything is in bloom and the sun is shining. We just love all things floral and thankfully, here in SoCal, we don’t have a hard time getting fab florals year round. Although many elements work together to craft the aesthetic story of your day (linens & lighting, china and tables, and more!), florals tend to be the one piece in your wedding design that captures people’s attention. While other mediums sometimes take a supporting role in the look of your day, florals get first billing. We know that constructing your floral design can be difficult and couples may need help. Where do you need an arrangement and where can you go without? Today, we’re going to walk you through the various places throughout your wedding that you will want to incorporate floral decor into your day.


Photo Credit: Anya Kernes Photography

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon (Left) Booth Photographics (Right)

Your welcome table will most likely be the first thing your guests will see. You will want to accessorize your table in a way that will invite your guests to leave sweet notes in your guest book. Remember to “dress to impress!”

Personal Flowers

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Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography (Left) K Stone Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Lukas Van Dyke

This includes bouquets, corsages, nosegays, and boutonnieres. These will go out to everyone in the bridal party, immediate family members, or any V.I.P. members of your wedding that should be visually honored.

Ceremony Decor

Photo Credit: K Stone Photography (Left) Iris & Light (Right)

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

For your ceremony, you will have to decide on the style that you like to determine what flowers to use. You can put some florals to ground you at the altar, or hang items from a tree or columns. You can even rent a chuppah and decorate it with beautiful florals. You will also want to include something to line the aisles. You can use a trail of petals, or shepherd’s hooks with hanging details. The idea of the floral design in your ceremony is to frame the altar and create a direct line leading to it. If aisle decor is not in your budget, then focus on framing the front for the couple and the back as an entrance for the ceremony.

Cocktail Hour

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

Every surface should have a bud vase or floating bloom with decor like votives and tea light candles. Once the sun is down, the candles are a perfect way to glow up the night.


Photo Credit: Anya Kernes Photography

You can use florals to make your bar look fun and beautiful. However, it is important to keep in mind that the bartenders may move the arrangements to make room for their services so plan for simple floral designs that are easily transportable, if you are opting for florals on the bar.


Photo Credit: Iris & Light (Left) Amanda McKinnon (Right)

Photo Credit: Booth Photographics

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Photo Credit: Nick Radford

We highly suggest some sort of decor lining the seating chart or table assignments as well as the cake/dessert table. Every tablescape should have a centerpiece for the perfect organic touch to your party, including the sweetheart table for you and your other half. You can even substitute florals for succulents to add some greens into your design. We love using floral tucks, bud vases, and candles; but your design is ultimately up to you!


Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

The last thing to remember when it comes to your floral arrangements is the proper etiquette that comes with them. Typically, florals can be taken, but vessels cannot. Talk to the onsite wedding coordinator to talk about reusing florals and to determine the intangibles. We are big advocates for reusing florals, but you can’t do it all the time. Generally, if all your events are held in one room, the florals will not be moved.

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As you can see, there are many things to consider when picking the florals that will brighten up your wedding day. We suggest thinking about each of these categories to help you with your decision. Hope this helps!

Black Tie Botanical Whimsical Soiree: Marisa & Jason Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today, we are so excited to share with you one of our favorite weddings of 2016. From the moment I met Marisa & Jason, I fell in love with their sweet disposition and chill, yet excitable demeanor. We are grateful to have been able to plan & design with these love-birds. Together, we were able to create an event that really resembled their personalities. It was a fab time, and looked drop-dead gorgeous! Their wedding was unique in it’s aesthetic and design combining formal, whimsical, and urban touches all around. It was one of those times when we mixed together an overwhelming amount of visuals, but it totally worked!

Marisa & Jason’s wedding was a well styled celebration of love and family. To get a general idea of their style and design, you have to understand some context of the couple. Marisa and Jason both work in the music biz and also happen to have the cutest little girl that you have ever seen named Olive that served as their flower girl.

The couple fell in love with Millwick, a venue with funky furniture in the middle of the arts district in downtown, because it gave them the perfect template to bring their creative, artistic vision to life.

It was important for the couple that all their guests have a great time and that the aesthetics were very detailed. We worked with them to craft a romantic soiree that was super fun, gorgeous and meaningful. As a venue, Millwick already has quite a bit going on, but the couple wanted to elevate the space to bring it from a laid back backdrop to the perfect setting for a formal fete. To set the stage, we started by hanging both greenery and bistro lights from the ceiling (lush + enchantment = swoon).

We made it detailed, but kept it simple and clean. We used individual champagne bottles as both the party favor and place card. We brought in cool mirror art, vintage glassware, specialty flatware, and lots of fun fab touches and more to bring the look from pretty to perfect!

We even put together a bit of a speakeasy with a secret tequila tasting and cigar bar, and brought in an old car to take fun photos.

Really fun meets really beautiful in this family-styled feast, complimented by one heck-of a Maids-of-Honor speech set to the ever so familiar “Fresh Prince of BelAir” rap.

The food was to die for and the look was divine. Everyone danced the night away and had an amazing night! Guests called it the best wedding ever (and we’ll take it!). We are also very excited to see this wedding featured in California Weddings Day’s upcoming magazine. Can’t wait!

Vendor Love


Will You Marry Me? – Picking the Perfect Officiant for your Wedding!

Good morning, darlings!

With wedding season coming to a close and engagement season gearing up, many of our couples are beginning to get their vendors in line for their weddings next year. One vendor that every single wedding has in common is someone to actually do the deed and legally marry the love-birds. Some couples choose to have a friend serve as their officiant, while others hire a professional. For those of you planning to bring in a ringer, it is important to find an officiant that is the right fit for your ceremony needs. Today, we are talking you through the process of finding and booking the minister, rabbi, non-denominational officiant, or marriage guru for you.

Photo Credit: Andrew Abajian

It’s About The Important Things

Different couples have different needs and instincts as to what they want when it comes to who will be the one to marry them. Would you prefer a male or female? Do they need to have a specific religious affiliation? Do you want someone with a traditional, old-school vibe or someone young and hip? You may want to consider the services that your officiant may offer. Some officiant companies include premarital counseling. Others aid with obtaining your marriage license (so you don’t have to waste a couple hours during the workweek at the courthouse). Some officiants have a very set way that they conduct their ceremonies, while others will let you organize it however you want, as long as you say “i-do.” It is important for you and your partner to sit down and discuss what both of you want in each of these sections before actually speaking to or research officiants.


Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

Photo Credit: Jessica Hickerson Photography

What kind of ceremony do you want?

Once you have started to think through what you want in an officiant, it would be good to discuss what specific items you do or do not want included in your ceremony prior to talking to any potential officiants. This way you go into these conversations with a game plan and can describe what you are thinking for your ceremony. Different plans can range from recreating a version of a catholic mass in an open field to mixing together two very different religions, or from having a completely secular ceremony to including a ceremony with tons of readings, songs and traditions. Ultimately, the type of ceremony you have will determine what kind of officiant you choose.

Photo Credit: Lukas Van Dyke

Identify potential officiants

By now, you and your partner should have a clear idea of what you are looking for in an officiant that you can start doing some research. A good place to start would be to ask your wedding planner to refer you a list of officiants they may have in their network. If you are flying solo without professional vendor leads, then do some research on officiants in the area. Officiant services can range between $300 to $700, depending on the services and experience. This is something to keep in mind while budgeting for your wedding.

Photo Credit: Oh Hello Studios

Reach out to your top 2-3 favorites

After you have done your search and narrowed down your options, reach out to your potential officiants and schedule “get-to-know-you” phone calls. It is important for both partners to be present for these chats so you can get the general vibe of the person and determine if they are a good personality fit, as well as a fit for the ceremony you want as a whole. Be sure to ask how long their ceremonies tend to last as that may also be a deciding factor in your choice.

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Hire the one that’s right for you!

Once you have found the perfect officiant that you can vibe with, fits your criteria, is available on your date and the price is right, hire them asap before someone else books them!

Photo Credit: Docuvitae

By following these tips, you should be able to find the officiant that is right for you. It’s okay to be picky with who you want. After all, it is your big day!