Choosing a Honeymoon Based on Your Personality – Quiz!

Hi Lovebirds!

As summer turns to fall and pumpkin lattes abound, is anyone else dreaming of a tropical drink and the sound of palm trees whistling in the wind? One of the best parts of getting married is getting to take the ultimate vacation with your new spouse. Your honeymoon is the first vacation you’ll be taking as a married couple, so no matter where you choose to go, it will surely be memorable. Planning your perfect honeymoon starts by choosing a destination that fits both of your personalities. Lucky for you, we have come up with a quick quiz to help your honeymoon planning process get started!

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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1. Your main focus when traveling is:

  1. A – Thrilling adventures
  2. B – Relaxing
  3. C – A little bit of everything
  4. D – Sightseeing

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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2. Pick the first cocktail drink you’ll be ordering when you arrive to your destination:

  1. A – A Cold Beer
  2. B – A Piña Colada
  3. C – A Glass of Wine
  4. D – An Aperol Spritz

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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3. Describe the ideal place you’ll be staying at:

  1. A – Lush rainforests and majestic mountains
  2. B – An overwater bungalow
  3. C – Modern hotel with a private pool
  4. D – Unique architecture surrounded by city streets

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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4. In your suitcase you’ll be packing…

  1. A – Hiking boots and a go pro
  2. B – Several bathing suits and sunscreen
  3. C – A stylish flowy frock with an oversized hat
  4. D – Comfortable shoes and a professional camera

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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5. What is one thing you’re looking forward to doing with your future spouse?

  1. A – Anything outdoors! Camping, hiking, running and biking, you name it!
  2. B – Swimming and seeing exotic animals
  3. C – Opening a bottle of wine over a gourmet meal
  4. D – Going to a museum and trying the newest restaurant in town

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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6. What does your perfect date look like?

  1. A – A beach hike and lunch
  2. B – An oceanfront couples massage
  3. C – A sunset picnic with a bottle of wine
  4. D – Going to see a play

Choosing A Honeymoon | Marisa Nicole Events

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Wondering where you could be headed?! Stay tuned for next week’s blog when the destinations will be revealed!

Bee and Sly Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, lovebirds!

Today, we’re excited to share Bee and Sly’s perfect wedding day. We loved working with Bee and Sly to create their relaxed elegance and romantic wedding. Bee and Sly are such a fun loving, eco-friendly couple who decided to approach their wedding from a sustainable point of view, which is where we came in to help! The celebration was definitely one for the books. So, without further ado, please enjoy these lovebirds’ dazzling soiree!

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Nuzzled in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains between Malibu and Calabasas, King Gillette Ranch set the perfect stage for Bee and Sly to tie the knot. King Gillette Ranch offers a beautifully rare view of California’s rich archeological, cultural, and historic resources. Bee and Sly loved the history and architecture of King Gillette Ranch which is why their hearts settled for this venue. The colors we chose for the event varied in deep and muted warm tones like yellow, pink, and wine with green touches. We enchanted the place with greenery to give the beautiful historic venue some life.

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

With all the neutral tones at the venue, we really wanted the flowers to sing! Enchanted Garden Floral Design created vibrant, beautiful floral pieces, which brought the historic venue to life. We just adore the mix of warm tones, greenery and matte white vessels that EG created for this wedding. Swoon.

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

With a gorgeous lakeside view, King Gillette was the ideal spot for the couple to exchange their vows. One of the things we loved about this wedding was the couple’s choice of guest book. They used a large map with pins to get travel advice from their guests. So fun! Another thing that made this wedding so fun, was that we veered away from the traditional wedding day structure by starting with cocktail hour! Guests were greeted by their host with a full bar and yummy bites. It served to break the tension and  by the time guests were invited down to the ceremony lawn, they made their way to the “I-do’s” with a smile on their face and a drink in their hand!

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

We wanted the guest dining tables to give off an easy, elegant, organic, lively vibe (quote a lot to ask of a table-scape). To bring this look to life, we draped soft, light patterned neutral linens over rectangular tables. They were then topped with greenery and gorgeous pink floral arrangements. To keep the whole look feeling clean and modern, we kept the place settings minimal. To complete the look, we incorporated colorful florals and dainty greenery throughout the centerpiece.

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

We gave the library some love by adding greenery and flowers to bring out the Earthly vibe and added lit candles to create a relaxed elegance feel. The lounge area was set up with mid-century modern pieces and was right next to the bar where guests could easily grab their drinks! Sly is Chinese so we wanted to bring his tradition into the wedding, which is why we added mandarins and red candies to the lounge area where guests could easily enjoy them.

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

The fun continued with a delicious cake and lots of dancing. These love birds get that not everyone loves cake, so they offered their guests a cereal bar that featured some of our favorites like Captain Crunch and Cheerios. Before the good times came to an end, guests were treated to the perfect midnight snack- pizza! Good times were had by all, especially the new Mr. & Mrs!

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

That’s it for now lovebirds! We hope you have enjoyed Bee and Sly’s gorgeous wedding! We are so grateful we were able to be a part of their special day and we wish these newlyweds health and happiness in the start of their journey together!

Bee & Sly Married! | Marisa Nicole Events

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New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride

Hi Lovebirds!

With the ball dropping at midnight oh-so soon, we cannot wait for the excitement that is to come with the new year. We want you to be your best self, and most importantly enjoy the wedding planning process! So, we have come up with 5 perfect New Year’s resolutions that will help you stay sane and on track while you plan the event of a lifetime!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride Blog | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography

1) I will enjoy being engaged!

It’s easy to forget how special it is to be engaged when overwhelmed with the planning process. Take time to rekindle your romance by planning a fun date or weekend getaway, admiring your ring and just enjoying the time you have with your fiancé.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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2) I will DIY something for my big day.

This is a great way to add personal touches to your wedding in a unique way. This can be a fun activity to get your friends and family involved in! On your special day, it will be so satisfying knowing you handcrafted your table/seat assignments or your specialty cocktail signs to be just the way you imagined! But DIYing brides, beware: we suggest getting that personal detail and self-pride from just one or two small projects, and leave the rest to the pros. Please believe me on this one, any  more than three and you will drive yourself nuts!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Sally Pinera (Left) and Holding & Co. (Right)

3) I will start a wedding book or journal.

What better excuse to buy some gorgeous stationary than for starting a wedding book or journal of your journey?! This can be a place where you jot down your ideas, to-do lists and feelings leading up to your day. It will also help keep you organized and can be something fun to look back on.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Chloe Moore Photography (Left) and Chloe Moore Photography (Right)

4) I will figure out my guest list ASAP!

We know this is not the most fun part of planning your big day, but it has to get done right away! So many things hinge on the length of the list, from venue and vibe to how much your budget will be. You will be relieved when it is all sorted out and can move on to more exciting tasks…like tasting champagnes and cakes!

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Salt & Sky (Left) and Hom Photography (Right)

5) I will set realistic expectations for my marriage.

Don’t let the reason you’re getting married escape you in the middle of planning your day! Take some time to set realistic expectations for your marriage with your fiancé and discuss how your lives will be once you say your “I do’s.” This will set a positive foundation as your new life together begins.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

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BONUS: I will not try to change too much about my appearance for my wedding day.

You are beautiful EXACTLY how you are right now! It is super important that you look and feel like yourself on your wedding day. We are totally on board with you feeling like your best self, but from plans for tons of weight loss, to mermaid hair extensions and from gallons of self tanner to lip-flips, just make sure you look like the person your fiance proposed to. The last thing you want is to look back on your wedding picture and be sad because you don’t look like a version of yourself that is impossible to maintain during your regular life.

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Birds of a Feather

New Years Resolutions for the 2020 Bride | Marisa Nicole Events

Photo Credit: Amanda Olivia Photography (Left) and Martha Stewart Weddings (Right)

So pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate the exciting year to come, knowing you are making resolutions that will help keep you calm and ensure a happy year of wedding planning!

Mismatched Beauties – Keeping Your Squad Cohesive In Styles All Their Own!

Happy Wednesday lovebirds,

If we haven’t mentioned this before, we ADORE beautifully curated mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Although some say that this route doesn’t work for a traditional, formal celebration, we believe that a well-crafted group of gorgeous gals in varying dresses can flawlessly work with any wedding style!  With that being said, fabulous bridesmaid style with variety in color, the design doesn’t just happen on its own… it takes work! Just as ever science experience needs a “control”, each slew of the varying dress needs some commonality to make them all work together in a glorious way. We get it, the whole thing can be a little tricky, but no need to fret, today we are sharing five tips on how to get your gals to perfect the mismatched dress look for your wedding!

Photo credit: Aaron & Jillian Photography

Common Color and Tone

Photo credit: Valorie Darling

You want to make sure that you pick dresses that are a gradation of the same color or colors. By choosing to pick the same hue but allowing for different styles and designs, you are allowing your bridesmaids to choose a dress that is flattering to their body, and who doesn’t appreciate that!

Consistent Length

Photo credit: Jona Christina

You want to make sure that your girls pick dresses that are consistent in length. Your bridal party photos may look out of place if all your gals opt to do long dresses except for one. Whether you decide on to the floor, mid-knee or mid-thigh, you will want to stick to one approximate dress length or have a balanced variety. You’ll thank yourself later!

Guide your Gals

Desert Chic Celebration | Marisa Nicole Events

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Many brides love the idea of giving their gals the freedom to shop for their dresses, but this is not always the best option when you’re going for mismatched dresses. If you tell your gals to choose a color, they might come back with various versions of the same color, which may not blend well together. Shopping together for dresses, or selecting dresses for your gals to choose from is a safer option to accomplish the mismatched dress look. If you do choose to send your gals into the wild to find their dresses, we suggest asking them to send photos and obtain approval from you, the bride, before laying down any cash!


Photo credit: One Love Photography

Once all the dresses have been picked out, accessorizing is a great way to tie a slew of mismatched dresses together in one cohesive look. Gift your gal-pals with the same hair-piece or necklace as an easy way to make sure your gal gang looks put together despite the variation of dresses.


Photo credit: Jenny Yoo Collection

Your bridesmaids’ bouquets are a great way to emphasize your dress choice. Have your girls holding similar bouquets to bring the look together. This works particularly well if your gals are in completely different hues! Make sure to talk to your florist and opt for florals that complement the dress tones.

Photo credit: Style Me Pretty

Who knew mixing and matching dresses could look this chic? You want all your girls to look fabulous for your photos, so keep in mind where your ladies are positioned during photos and the ceremony. Make sure to consider these tips before deciding on the final dresses for your ladies. Happy dress shopping!