Wedding Registry Options for Modern Couples

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Wedding season is just around the corner and many of our couples are scrambling to get their gift registries together. It is one of the first things an engaged couple should accomplish on their wedding planning checklist. It is recommended to have your registry set about 7 months before the wedding. If that isn’t possible, just be sure to get it together prior to any invitations for showers that are thrown in your honor are printed, and for sure prior to your wedding invitations go out.

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We at Marisa Nicole Events acknowledge that many aspects of weddings have changed from past generations and this has affected the wedding registry process. The whole subject of a wedding registry is one that our couples often struggle with (both internally and with their families). As millennial couples are getting married at an older age and often already live together before tying the knot, many couples already have the essential home appliances they need to live a happy life together! Registering for your wedding is very exciting and it makes you think about your future with your soon-to-be spouse. It is important to know what items you both really need before you start registering for everything. There are three different ways to receive gifts from your family and friends and today we’re walking you through each!

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If you do want items for your home (think kitchen items, linens, appliances and decor), then sticking with a traditional registry could be perfect for you! Although there are endless numbers of stores at which you can register, we suggest sticking to two-three places, so you are not overwhelming either yourself or your guests. Registering at two to three spots will also allow for variety in terms of gift pricing and store location. If you decide to register at a high-end establishment for some fancy items, be sure the other store(s) on your registry is a more affordable option (you don’t want your college roommate feeling bad because all she could afford to gift you with was a fancy throw pillow). In addition, it is important that you avoid double registering for items at the various stores (for example, bath towels should only be on one of your registries). Lastly, remember to only register for things you actually want, not items that you think you should register for.

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Registering Online

Sometimes it can be hard to only register at a limited amount of stores so registering online or through an application that keeps everything in one place is a great option! This also allows you to register at a variety of different stores for various item types and price ranges, without committing any wedding etiquette faux pas. Your family and friends can also contribute to financing couple activities or other life stuff that you and your fiance enjoy doing together (think Soul Cycle)! Zola Registry is our personal favorite app because it is an all-in-one registry management system that can add items from any store on the web, have guests contribute to expensive gifts, as well as gift you an experience.

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Register for Money

Although traditionally a wedding etiquette “no no”, more and more couples feel like their home is already filled with enough stuff and want people to just give them money. Honestly, this practice is still frowned upon in much of the country and if you choose to go in this direction, there will be at least one guest at your wedding who thinks what your choice is quite rude. With that being said, the world is changing and there are apps and websites like HoneyFund and PayPal that allow guests to easily gift you with money without having to bring cash to your wedding. We like HoneyFund because if you take the time to structure your registry in this manner, it can mask as a traditional registry, allowing guests to gift money towards different hypothetical activities so your guests feel like they are contributing to something you value and will appreciate (whether or not you decide to get that couple’s massage on your honeymoon that your Aunt so proudly sent you money for, is up to you!). Be aware though, these sites do take a percent of each transaction.

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Regardless of how you decide to receive gifts make sure that you do have the proper etiquette based on your cultural and familial background. It is unlikely that every one of your guests will gift you with something you specifically asked for or absolutely love. Even so, make sure that you are appreciative of your guest’s gifts and do try to get those thank you notes out within six weeks of your wedding (and for gifts received before the week of the wedding, be sure to send a note within two weeks of each gift’s receipt).

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