Wedding Invites Part 2: The Last Hurrah!

Hello Lovelies!

Last week, we shared with you the first half of a two-part post on steps to getting your invites designed, printed and in your guests hands. To jog your memory, the first three steps involved scoping out structural options, establishing esthetic details, and getting the jargon just right for your suite. Today, we are giving you the second piece of the puzzle, the final hurrah to make your invitation nightmares disappear. So here goes:


Step 4: Proofread The Heck Out Of It!

This step is crucial; so don’t let yourself feel rushed! Having a spelling or grammatical error on your invite, or accidently giving incorrect information to your guests can cause confusion and make you look less than ‘on top of ‘ the situation! Upon receiving your proof, don’t let yourself be distracted by the design and how gorgeous they turned out. Pour over every part of the suite to make sure there are no errors (believe me that your guests will be sure to notice if there are). Here is one trick that will put those mistakes to rest: read what you have written out loud. You may think this is silly but trust me; you will be able to hear if something is out of place. Also, be sure to have three pairs of eyes meticulously look over your invites before sending them to print. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

wedding invitation 2

Step 5: Finishing Your Invites Off With Class – Envelope Etiquette

Once you have received your beautiful invites in the mail, it is time to start addressing and assembling them. Now is not the time to get complacent, so stick in there and finish your invites off with class! Wedding etiquette says that guest addresses should always be hand written (please don’t break my heart and use office labels!). This does not mean it has to be done by a professional calligrapher (of course if this is in your budget, go for it!). Have a family member or bridesmaid (with good penmanship) looking for a way to help out? Send them your completed invitations with guest list and ask her to pitch in by personally addressing them for you. Also be sure to assemble your invitation neatly. You want to make sure that when your guests open their invitation it looks just as you designed it to appear: clean and precise, not as if it was stuffed carelessly or without thought. You spent so much time (and money) working on these invites, don’t let it all go to waste by sending your guests crumpled invitations or envelopes with tacky addressing.

wedding invitation

Step 6: Take A Trip To The Post Office

Now, it is finally time to take that long awaited trip to the post office to get these beauties in the mail.  First, bring one completely assembled invitation up to the counter and get it weighed. Once you know how much postage you will need, the real fun will begin. Ditch the forever stamps and go with vintage or wedding inspired postage. Tracking these down will be worth the added time and energy as the envelope is the first esthetic detail your guests will see regarding your wedding. After all your invitations have been properly stuffed and stamped, wait in line and ask to have your invites hand processed (this is so they won’t get that ugly line on the envelope). Now my friends you are all done!

wedding invitation 3

Getting those invitations in the hands of your guests can be a daunting process, but it will be so rewarding once the project is finished. We hope these steps have made the whole situation easier and more fun! Now get to it my friends!

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