Wedding Invites Part 1: Easy Steps To Move From Daunting To Dazzling!

Happy Thursday Friends!

Wedding season is right around the corner and it is about that time to start getting those lovely wedding invitations in the mail. Believe me when I tell you that we understand how overwhelming this can be; which is why we put together a two-part blog to help point you in the right direction. This week and next we will give you the steps for successfully designing your invitations and getting them into your guests’ hands. Have no fear, Marisa Nicole in here!


Step 1: Touch & Feel Your Options

The actual form your invitations will take is the first thing you need to decide: stacked invites, pocket folds, booklets, or boxed invitations. There are so many different structures you can choose and it is your job to select the one that best fits your style and budget.  We suggest you pop into your local papery market to touch, feel, and see your options (we love the paper source for this)!


Step 2: Let the Aesthetic Details Speak

Whether your going the route of having your invitations costumed designed or using an online template, your invitations need to fit the look, feel, and theme of your wedding. The aesthetic details you need to pay attention to are the color combinations, font combinations, and the balance of design motifs vs. negative space you are implementing throughout the suite. For example, for more formal fêtes, invitations would tend to be clean and elegant in nature. Utilizing more neutral color pallets, limited fancy design motifs, and script fonts; while a backyard garden party could have a a variety of floral design, utilize splashes of color, and a combination of modern fonts.


Step 3: Choose Your Words Wisely

The next major step is determining your copy. Spend some times figuring out what you want to say on your invitations and how you want you say it. Having a casual wedding? Try using playful jargon on the RSVP card. Hosting a fancy affaire? Be sure to use traditional language on the main announcement. Once you get all your information down, determine how you want to split it up in the context of your invitation (i.e. how many inserts / pieces of paper it is going to take to communicate everything to your guests).


Now that you have the steps to get this process rolling aesthetically, check in with us next week for the last three steps to finish off this task right!

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