Wedding Hair Accessories for the Modern Bride

Hello, Gorgeous Girlies!

Photo Credit: Andrew James Abajian

Wedding season is in view and many of you gorgeous gals out there are starting to work out the details of your wedding day look! One decision that many of our not-so-traditional brides toil over is what to do with their hair on the big day. If you have decided not to wear a veil, there are many different options that will stun your guests as you walk down the aisle. Don’t get me wrong, we at Marisa Nicole Events do love the classic veil look (swoon), but believe that other accessories are undeniably equally fab. To inspire you as you tackle this decision, today we’re sharing some of our favorite hair accessories and looks.

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First Things First

To decide which accessory to incorporate into your style, you must first decide between wearing your hair up, down, or something in between. Take the cut of your gown in mind, along with any accessories that you already know you want to incorporate into your look (did someone say “something old / something new”?). It is also important to make sure that your hair complements your overall wedding vibe and your personality. However, remember that no matter which hairstyle or accessory you choose, you are bound to look like a beautiful bride (because you’re a queen!).

Photo Credit: Andrew James Abajian

Jeweled Comb

This is a classic and simple option that will never go out of style. It can add a little sparkle to your hair as it complements the sparkle in your eyes on your big day. A comb makes for a finishing touch to your beautiful hair do without it taking over your whole hair. They are normally placed in the back or side of your head. Our two favorite ways to wear a comb is with an updo or as a clip to hold some of your hair back if you decide to wear your hair all the way down.

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Floral Crown

Flowers are an elegant touch to any hairdo. They make for a romantic and bohemian vibe. This is a great option if you are having a relaxed, natural celebration. There are many different floral crowns. If you want something simple than opt for a baby’s breath floral crown. Or if you want to make more of a statement, then go for a crown that mixes different types of flowers and colors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to floral crowns.

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Another simple way to add some sparkle is a headband. It can be an elegant gold twist or a thick jeweled headband. We love this look because it goes well with any type of hairstyle. In addition, your accessory can be seen from the front when you take those head on photos. When picking a headband, make sure that the design matches the style of your dress.

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Sometimes your own hair can be your best accessories. If you are not a huge fan of bling or flowers, doing a beautiful braided hairstyle is perfect. Just like other accessories, there are endless ways to style it. Doing a braided hairstyle is best if you have longer hair. Our favorite at Marisa Nicole Events is a side braid. It is simply gorgeous and helps keep your hair out of your face so that your wedding day glow will not be missed.

Photo Credit: Andrew James Abajian

There are endless options of ways to accessorize your hair for your big day. Just remember to stay true to your style and your wedding theme. Also don’t forget that if you have always dreamed of wearing a veil as a little girl, there is nothing wrong with that! We believe that whatever makes you feel the most beautiful, then it is the right accessory.

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