Wedding Gifting Etiquette 301: Guest Gifts

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This week will be the final part of our gifting etiquette discussion! Today we are focusing on treating your guests right by giving them a little something to walk away with (other than the crazy memories, that is!). Depending on whether your guests are spending the entire weekend celebrating your wedding, or just coming out for the day, you have options when it comes to presenting your guests with a memento. We recommend greeting guests who are staying overnight with a welcome package to introduce them to the area and with essentials for their stay. For a single-day celebration, you can gift them a sweet treat or something functional to remember your day!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Welcome Gifts

Everyone loves a warm welcome! Welcome gifts aren’t always necessary, but if you have a destination wedding or have guests traveling in from out of town, then it is the courteous thing to do to make them feel at home. To be the hostess with the mostess, you can provide tote bags filled with items needed for planned activities throughout the weekend, maps noting the hot spots around town, and creature comforts that will help your guests enjoy their stay! We suggest choosing a theme and sticking to it with these gifts. Below is an example of one of our favorites with a “fun in the sun” vibe (filled with sunblock, water, flip-flops and cute sunnies)!

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We love a creative and useful wedding favor! While these adorable takeaway gifts may have fallen out of fashion due to budget restrictions, gifting your guests with a little something makes a big difference. Letting your guests know that they matter is essential to a successful day. Make sure your favor is something that your guests will take home and use or enjoy again after the wedding is over. These can be topical to your venue location, symbolic of something meaningful to you and your fiance, or just plain functional. Don’t waste your time or money on anything people will throw away! Some of our favorite ideas include fans or parasols to keep the heat off of your guests, wine stoppers, or mini bottles of champagne.

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Whatever you choose to gift your guests, whether it be a celebrity style swag bag or a small thoughtful token, we promise your guests will appreciate it. Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the various situations regarding the when, where and who of gifting your significant other, bridal party, families and guests for your wedding. We think it is super important that you know when you should show some love to your nearest and dearest so that no outpouring of love for you is overlooked. You only have to say thank you once to have someone remember your gratitude forever.

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