Tying the Knot in The Golden State

Hello from the West Coast!

Engagement season (Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day) has just come to a close and many newly engaged couples are itching to figure out where they should tie the knot. Whether you live in California, have family here, or just want to get married in a fab, warm location, we think you should do it in the Golden State! Here at Marisa Nicole Events we are all California Girls! And honestly what is not to love about California?! It has so much to offer – from vineyards to the coast to the desert. Our great state not only has so many beautiful sceneries and environments, but it is also the perfect middle or meeting ground for people who live all around the world.

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We have a significant amount of couples that aren’t from California. They bring their guests and want a venue that is significant and unique to California. Here are some of our favorite types of California Wedding Destinations.

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Wine Country

What is more romantic than celebrating your big day in a vineyard? California is the leading producer of wine in the U.S… Whether you are winos or just like the easy natural beauty that a vineyard has to offer, wine country is one of our favorite locals to help couples get hitched! Enjoy a scenic view with vines and greenery all around. There are vineyard venues up and down the coast of California whether you want to be clinking glasses in Northern California (Napa and Sonoma) or in raising your glass in Southern California (Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, or the Malibu Canyon).

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One of the things that draws people to California is our gorgeous ocean views. With sweeping coastal vistas and pretty much fab year-round weather, we’re the perfect spot for a gorgeous yet reliable beach wedding. Don’t get us wrong, we love a Hawaiian celebration, but with daily rains and winds that can literally blow your chuppah away, you can usually count on California to give you that blue water backdrop you’ve been yearning for, palm trees gracefully swaying in the wind and all, but without all the drama of a last-minute venue change. And if you really love the coast, many CA wedding venues offer “toes-in-sand” ceremony options, as well as pretty views on a manicured lawn.

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California doesn’t have a bear on the flag for no reason! California has a wide range of mountains from Yosemite to Tahoe to Lake Arrowhead. If you love the great outdoors and adventure, then you cannot go wrong with saying “I do” in this kind of woodsy environment.

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Farm & Ranch

California is one of the leading producers of fresh produce in the U.S. and in the world. We are Marisa Nicole Events love our avocados, almonds and other fresh fruits and vegetables! Rustic style weddings are very popular and if you want to execute this style then having your wedding on a farm or a ranch will for sure give you those rustic vibes! Turn a barnyard or a backyard into a simple and beautiful venue to tie the knot.

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Drive inland and you will find cactus and succulents galore, oh and rising temperatures! The desert is like a siren that calls those who love the fun, artsy and creative vibes. Another great thing about the dessert is that it is easy to take over the hotel to make for a weekend getaway for your guests. You can celebrate your wedding all weekend long with various events like a pool party! The desert also allows you to start from a clean slate and design your wedding the way you want.  Palm Springs and Palm Desert are our personal favorites!

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Iconic Locations

California not only has some incredible natural destinations, but it also has some iconic and memorable locations that are special to The Golden State. When you think about California you probably think of The Hollywood Sign or The Golden Gate Bridge or maybe the Santa Monica Pier so why not get married at these iconic places?!

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We may be a little bias here at Marisa Nicole Events, since we live in LA, however we have a good reason to love California so much! California has so much to offer and you cannot deny that our weather is unbeatable. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, we think that you should tie the knot on the West Coast (best coast)!

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