The Lists and Timelines You Need To Keep Your Wedding Planning Organized

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We know that each couple handles their wedding planning in their own way and that it requires commitment and organization. Whether you consider yourself a type-A who lives to check off your accomplishments, or a free spirit who becomes overwhelmed by the mention of excel – we have just what you need. Today we are talking lists and timelines for all of our couples to help keep them on track. Read along to get our insider scoop on wedding planning organization.

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Tracking Lists

It is imperative to stay on top of who is working your wedding and who is coming to your wedding! The best way to do this is via our old friend excel. You’ll want to create a sheet for each of these that you can refer to throughout your planning process.

Guest List

Create a comprehensive guest list to track all of your guest’s information from their address to their meal order, and to whether or not you sent them their thank you card yet.

Vendor List

Use this list to keep a record of your vendor options and who you decide to book. It will remind you of who you still need to lock down for your big day, and who you still need to pay.

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Planning Documents

Planning in advance is a MUST do! You need to plan out what your estimated budget will (and should) look like, along with a comprehensive style guide for your big day. And don’t forget an overall planning timeline to keep track of all the details!

Estimated Cost Break Down (Budget)

This list will help you keep track of your costs, what you plan to spend, and what you have already put down on specific vendors. For additional budgeting tips check out our Tips On Determining How To Appropriately Allot Your Funds.

Style Guide

Create this list called a style guide to help lay out the details of your vision. You can even include some images to provide visual examples! It helps to formalize your look and keep it all cohesive. Check out this previous post on STYLE GUIDE for more tips!

Planning Timeline

Begin the process of planning your wedding by creating an overall wedding timeline. Your planning timeline will help you stay on top of when to do what. Remember: work through the big stuff first and end with the little details. Starting with hiring big vendors, like your catering company, and then begin to focus on the details like makeup artists. For more timeline planning tips, check out our previous post on our Wedding Planning Cheat Sheet.

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Functional Day Of Documents

Having a functional and flexible version of your lists is very helpful. You can continuously edit them to make sure they are up to date. We include a day-of flow list, packing list, function guest list, vendor list, and layout, but you can include more!

Day-Of Flow

This particular list is to map out the movement of the day. You will use it to plan out the timing for the day and include the details of who is doing what, where, and when.

Packing List

Create a list of the hard goods you are bringing to the wedding that your vendors are not. This could be anything from the bathroom amenities basket, the guest book, any DIY decor and more. Here’s our guide for a thorough packing list.

Functional Guest List

This list reflects your guests both alphabetically and by table with meal selections, if applicable. It also keeps track of how many people are at each table.

Lists Needed By Vendors

This meta-list includes details for your vendors. This may include your list of family photo combinations needed for your photographer as well as your list of musical selections for your band or DJ.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, it should spell out how your tables and chairs are laid out so that your rental company or vendor can use it to know how to set up. Don’t forget to use table numbers!

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Lists can be overwhelming, but think of it as something to look forward to! You will feel amazing when you cross off all of those little to-do items.

Happy planning!


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