Sweet Saddlerock Ranch Wedding: Tracy & Adam Married!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, Friends!

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Today I get the pleasure of sharing Tracy & Adam’s wedding with you. Every year I get that one couple who is sweet as pie. Tracy & Adam were that couple for me in 2014. Believe me when I tell you that there isn’t an unkind bone in either of their cute little bodies. I just adore them!

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They wanted a small, laid-back celebration in a naturally beautiful setting. From the moment they saw the Dome at Saddlerock Ranch, they knew they had found “the one” (the one venue, that is). With the vineyard in the backdrop and rolling hills surrounding the property, it was the perfect intimate scene for their celebration.

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These loves-birds had been together forever, and gotten engaged long before their wedding date, so we had plenty of time to cultivate each and every sweet detail of their day. One of the things I loved about this couple was how completely themselves they were. We collaborated together to weave small, personal details into the fabric of their aesthetic that would genuinely reflect who they are as a couple.

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Overall, Tracy & Adam’s look was soft and easy, with a few bold and textured pops throughout. We used mostly whites, greens and a variety of pink shades to craft their color story. The diluted watercolors on signs and tags further emphasized the light and airy feel of the wedding. Tracy loves flowers, so we made sure that the event was full of beautiful blooms. These florals were mimicked on the sweet window seating chart. Adam & Tracy’s good friend Alexis also incorporated sweet flowers into a custom designed invitation suite for the couple. Together the colors and details of the day resulted in an organic and simple look with touches of nostalgia.

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Tracy worked her little fingers to the bone crafting and DIYing up until the week of the wedding. Pretty much every handmade detail was Tracy’s own labor of love: from the watercolor stained calligraphy style place cards and favor tags to the window art and signage. We hung variously colored and sized delicate yarn balls over the sweetheart table (love it). On the morning of the wedding, everyone in the bridal party pitched in potting little succulents in miniature glass terrariums, which we later displayed at each place setting as the guests’ favor.Tracy & Adam Wedding-268Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.27.22 PM Tracy & Adam Wedding-9

It was important to the couple that their guests know how much it meant to the newlyweds for each of them to be there. The couple gathered images of everyone at their wedding and created a collage on a glass door. As the couple’s loved ones entered the vineyard, their own faces greeted them. It was so special. We worked to sprinkle personal details throughout the celebration. We placed the couple’s favorite candies in drawers for guests to snag on their way into the festivities. The couple gave us cute little symbols and chatchski items to place around.

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The food was absolutely amazing. The bride and groom are vegetarians, so it was super important that they serve a killer veggie meal! Whoa Nelly just nailed it with a hearty veggie-based feast! After dinner guests were welcomed to cake and various sweets. The music picked up and everyone danced the night away, only stopping momentarily for some late night fries!

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