Saying “I Hue” to Color Palettes of 2017

Hello lovelies, and happy Friday Bride-day!

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Choosing a color story for your wedding is not an easy thing to do, yet it is one of the first things that friends, family members and even vendors will ask you about once you start planning your day. We encourage our couples to design with a myriad of hues that work well together, rather than choosing one or two and then using them everywhere. The colors you choose for your wedding will serve as the foundation for your wedding design. That being said, color palettes that are “in” come and go with seasons, years, and trends. So without further adieu, here are some color palettes to look out for in 2017!

mikkel-paige-photographyPhoto Credit: Mikkel Paige Photography

Blush 2.0

We love the idea of the blushing bride, and we’ve done many a rosy affair. But for the coming year, we’re predicting some fresh spins on the tried and true blush wedding, full of new alternatives to keep the palette totally today… Kind of like a blush revamp. We’re expecting to see blush go dusty, blush with antiquey gold, and blush with rich marsala (one of our faves). Here are some examples.

resized-for-blogty-french-photographyPhoto Credit: Ty French Photography

1. Dusty Blush

A shift from the brighter, baby pink to the more muted tones is happening, and it’s gorgeous. Dusty blush has that warm airy-ness, and really makes for a great base to add pops of color to.

resized-for-blog-3Photo Credit: Left: Elizabeth Ngundue Photography, Right: Chudleigh Weddings

2. Blush + Antique Gold

Blush and gold have been frequently paired together in the past. However, one small change in tone can alter the look entirely. Glittery gold is nice, but when you add that antiquey finish, you’ve got a seriously dreamy bohemian effect.

resized-for-blog-4Photo Credit: Left: Mon Cheri Bridals, Right: Photography By Charise

3. Blush + Marsala

In 2015, the Pantone fell in love with the rich red tones, and made marsala the color of the year. One of the great things about the blush revamp is that these three trends can definitely overlap, and marsala is perfect to use as that pop of color to go with either of the above!


Photo Credit: Left: Rylee Hitchner Photography, Right: Rustic White Photography, Bottom: Lucy Cuneo Photography

The New Neutral

In the past, we have seen the typical neutral palette composed of some combination of white, taupe, grey, mauve, tan, or mocha. For the coming year, we’re loving the revival of the simple cream, oatmeal, and taupe neutral palette. Seeing this palette enhanced in a new way with pops of marble, copper, and green is totally swoon-worthy.

resized-for-blog-2nina-gallantPhoto Credit: Nina Gallant Photography

Copper Blues

One of our favorite current color combos that we see staying strong in New Year is the pairing of cool and warm tones via a vibrant blue (such as cobalt) and bright copper. The reason these two hues are so meant to be is simple… They are color wheel approved to be perfectly complementary. Combine the true blue with pops of metallic copper, break it up with clean whites, and you have a seriously chic color palette. Swoon.

dolce-designsPhoto Credit: Dolce Design Studio

The beauty of the new year is that it always brings exciting change in styles, and fantastic new trends. We hope that these color palettes have delighted and inspired you, and we can’t wait to see them in the weddings of 2017! Happy color scheming!


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