Post-Wedding Etiquette: Your Way to Thank You Card Success

Happy Thank-You Thursday, Lovebirds!

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Your big day has come to a close, but your wedding duties have not quite ended yet… Hang in there because there is only one more small but important action item that is still on your to-do list: thank you cards! Your loved ones have poured tons of love and support into your wedding planning process and have showered you with gifts. It is extremely important to take a moment to show your gratitude. A huge part of proper wedding etiquette is to always appreciate your guests! So today, we wanted to help you with four simple rules to reach thank you card success…

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Rule #1: Branding

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to your wedding details. We suggest that the design of your thank you cards match your overall wedding branding to your wedding look, so that way it all flows together. If at all possible, choose the same style or design as utilized for your invitation suite. If this is not possible, just make sure the colors and overall vibe coordinate with the look and feel of your wedding.


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Rule #2: Timing

Guests that give you gifts (which ideally is all of them) needs to receive a thank you card. You will likely receive gifts prior to your wedding day. Be sure to write out notes for these and send them within two weeks of each gift’s receipt. For gifts received the week of your wedding, be sure to send out a thank you card within six weeks of the big day (people will understand that you probably went on a honeymoon and will need time to settle back in once you get back).

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Rule #3: Content

Make sure to keep it personal by writing first names in the message, specifically thanking the guest for the gift they gave you and include a sentence on how you are going to use the item or how excited you are for the gift. An example, “Thank you so much Linda for the mixer! I can’t wait to make cookies with this! We are so excited you got to share this wedding with us!” These messages don’t have to be long, three to four sentences will do the trick, but each note does need to be customized.

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Rule #4: Addressing

As with your wedding invitation envelopes, wedding etiquette requires you to handwrite your guest’s name and address on the envelope… Labels are not your friend! Don’t forget to put your return address on the back flap just like you did on your wedding invites. Finally, it is important that both members of the happy couple sign each and every note.

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You are now ready to tackle writing your guests’ thank you cards! We hope we have helped you gain both inspiration and practical ideas on how to write a personalized thank you to everyone who has shown you love on your wedding day. It’s always important to give back!

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