Pinterest Pressure: Utilizing Images to Help Your Overall Wedding Look

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We are so excited that May has finally arrived, as it marks the beginning of generally gorgeous weather (and generally gorgeous weddings). Yay! It is also the time that many newly engaged couples begin diving into determining the overarching aesthetic for their celebration. Starting your design can be difficult as you begin to ask yourself what kind of overall look you are going for (such as deciding on a general color story, visual style and other design aspects). Today, many brides turn to Pinterest as a starting point to find inspiration and ideas on what they want to incorporate for their day, and we agree that Pinterest is a GREAT place to start! However, the sheer volume of visual content and wedding ideas that are online can be super overwhelming! Couples will start pinning everything they like the look of and all of a sudden your wedding board can turn into a hot mess. We want you to get out there and explore what is on trend, but a Pinterest board that is all over the place in terms of style is no good to anyone (at least for all your wedding vendors, who need a place to go to get a snapshot of the overall look for your celebration). Today, we want to show you what we have found to be a solid way to utilize Pinterest to your advantage as a useful tool, and not as a source of pressure regarding what you think that you potentially should be doing in terms of design. So without further ado, here are our steps to keeping Pinterest helpful to your wedding design, and not hurtful!

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Left: Mira Budd Right: EE Photography

Step 1: Go Crazy

I know that we just told you not to pin everything you like, but instead to pin images that are aligned with your overall style. However, the first step to finding the kind of look you want is actually to use Pinterest without any boundaries. So, before you know your colors or exact style, go overboard and don’t be afraid to pin everything that catches your eye.

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Left: Deer Pearl Flowers Right: Bloc Memoire Photography

Step 2: A Bird’s Eye View

Have you pinned everything that has caught your attention? Good, now it is time to take a step back from your Pinterest board (or boards) and assess your findings. Look at your wedding board as a whole and find out what is consistent. Take note of what style you are pinning over and over again. This can help you make some decisions regarding the specific look of your celebration and to determine what you want for your wedding day.

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Left: Daphne Mae Right: Cary Diaz Photography

Step 3: Edit, Edit, Edit!

Once you have found consistency within your boards, you can edit and delete everything that does not align with the decisions you have made regarding colors, textures and style. This can be a difficult feat because we know all the pins you have picked are pretty and you love them, but that does not mean it is right for your wedding. You can however move the pins you did not select to another board (maybe your apartment board?).

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Left: Graham Terhune Right: Annie Parish Photography

Step 4: Take Another Step Back

Once you have cleaned up your board, look at all the final images that you have selected as a whole. Are you loving what you are seeing? Do you think it all goes? Great! Now you know what direction to take for your wedding design. If not, then you know the design you don’t want and can restart your search from Step 1.

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Left: Erica Beckman Right:  Ashley Caroline Photography

Step 5: Get-a-planning!

Now you have entered the planning stage. As you go along in bringing your designs to life, you will see new things on Pinterest that you like. If it works with what you want, then don’t be afraid to add it to your wedding day look. Again, remember that just because you love it does not mean that it will work for your day.

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Left & Right: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Step 6: Ask Someone

If you are not sure about a certain design aspect for your wedding, don’t be afraid to ask someone you trust and is familiar with your wedding look. Find someone you can use as a sounding board. Someone who won’t get annoyed (not that you are annoying, but you know…). We encourage you to find the right person for this. Make sure they understand what you want for your wedding and also think the look you are going for is pretty. Someone with a completely different sense of style might not be that helpful. Asking the wrong person might cause you to chase your tail. We suggest asking your wedding planner/designer or floral designer. If asking a good friend or family member, we suggest that person to have a similar aesthetic as you, with whom there are no weird competitive issues (again, you know), and finally not someone who would just say “yes” to anything.

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There are so many ideas online, and there are so many people coming up with new DIY projects, but don’t forget it’s your wedding and you don’t have to be pressured to include the latest fad into your look. Just because someone else did something for their wedding and you really like how it turned out, doesn’t mean that same look would be the right aesthetic choice for your wedding! This can drive many of the most savvy brides nuts – particularly Type A brides (you know who you are, don’t deny it). This design practice can be overwhelming, so don’t allow Pinterest and other blogs of what you see make you run in circles. Find your look early and don’t get pulled into the Pinterest pressure.

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