Personal Bridal Tips from Marisa Nicole

Hi lovebirds,

This week, we’ll be starting a very exciting mini-series focusing on the do’s and don’ts for wedding days. We totally get it, wedding days can be stressful and nerve-wracking… especially for brides. But hopefully, our personal tips and experience will bring you a little comfort and you’ll be more prepared for your big day! So without further ado, here are our top 10 tips for all our beautiful brides out there for making your day as fun-filled and smooth as possible.

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1) Hydration

Make sure you drink at least 2 cups of water right when you wake up in the morning. We can’t stress how important this is because not only will it keep you skin looking fresh and glowing, it will keep you moving throughout the day (and of course, not get you too tipsy too early)!

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2) Eat!!!

We know that on your wedding day, it is easy for eating to fall low on your list of priorities. We get it, there are better things to do than to stop and sit down for a meal on your wedding day. And you may not even be hungry. However we strongly suggest that you try to make an effort to eat a little carbs and protein so you’ll have energy for the day.

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3) All writing related

Whether it is personal vows or a letter to your significant other, please please please don’t wait till the last minute to put pen to paper! Make sure you give yourself at least 2 weeks in advance so you can gather your thoughts and let your loved one know exactly how you feel.

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4) Comfy shoes

For your special day, you’ll most definitely be running on your feet all day. Make sure you keep your toes and feet open and bring 1-2 comfy shoes to change into so that you can show off your dancing feet at night!

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5) The person

This often gets overlooked but it is so important that you have at least a person to go to the final dress fitting with so that she knows exactly how to bustle your dress on and you’ll have one less thing to worry about on your big day.

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6) Bathroom break

You want to be as comfortable as you can for your big day so make sure you go potty before your get into your beautiful dress. Then do it again between cocktail hour and the reception. This way, you’ll be more stress-free walking down the aisle and you’ll get as much time as you possibly can with all your guests.

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7) Gratuity

Whether it is gratuity for your vendors or gifts for your wonderful bridal party, it is recommended that you organize these at least 3 days before the wedding. You want to be generous and the last thing you want to do is forget about someone!

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8) Personal emergency kit

Prepare a personal emergency kit so that you’ll be more equipped for all kinds of situations on your big day. Some things to consider are:

  • A travel-sized deodorant
  • Baby powder because nobody likes chaving
  • Your lipstick for the day so that you can touch-up whenever you want
  • Tissue but make sure you give this to your maid of honor

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9) Bouquet placement

You’ll want to look your best while walking down the aisle and one thing that you may not pay attention to is the placement of your bouquet. You don’t want to be blocking your face or dress so just keep in mind that your bouquet goes lower than you think!

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The week of your wedding is when you want to start letting go of things. This means no more DIYs or adding things to your wedding that wasn’t already planned. This is the time when you want to really enjoy yourself and be in the moment. So before you walk down the aisle, just have your phone, watch and timeline away and have a great time!

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