Maid-of-Honor Tasks and Tips!

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moh blog maybeWe are taking a short break from our Backyard Wedding Series this week and bringing you some tips on how to be an ideal maid-of-honor! Along with choosing the dress and venue, one of the bride’s biggest decisions is selecting her go-to pal! And she will want to choose wisely, as this person will become her right-hand gal (or fella) in all things regarding her big day!

Leading up to the wedding, there are many preparations that the maid-of-honor should be involved with (time and location permitting), so take note (and don’t worry – most of these tasks are fun)! One of the maid’s initial duties is jaunting with the bride-to-be from one bridal shop to the next, ensuring she (the bride) finds not just any wedding dress, but one she truly loves and feels like a rock star in (despite what other opinions may be floating around) and also helping the bride in choosing dresses for the bridesmaids. Next, it’s time to put on the party hat! Though there is an exception to every rule, maids of honor are typically responsible for planning and hosting the bridal shower and bachelorette party, spreading the word about where the couple is registered and also taking note of all presents received for thank you notes later on. Some of the maid’s smaller (but still important) tasks include holding the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s ring during the ceremony, helping her into, out of, and fluffing/bustling the dress, and of course, delivering a personal and endearing toast about the bride!

All that to say, being a maid of honor is a great privilege that comes with great responsibility! Keep all of these tips in mind and you will be the bride’s maid in shining armor!

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