Italian Summer Styled Inspired Wedding Shoot


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We have been waiting forever to formally share images from our Italian Summer Styled Wedding Shoot with you, and that day has finally come! We were honored to have our Mediterranean designs from this project featured in the latest print issue of California Wedding Day (Fall/Winter issue – page 30) – and last week they showcased the shoot online, so we thought it high time to share some of our favorite shots with you as well. As an Italian lady in the wedding industry, this project was one that is very near and dear to my heart. I poured my soul into crafting this shoot, and was so pleased with how everything turned out. I wanted to design a wedding that brought all the goodness the Italian Mediterranean has to offer. We are so honored that people love this shoot as much as we do and now without further ado…View More:

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Welcome & Lounge Areas

Upon guest arrival, we thought it would be fun for our couple not only to welcome their guests, but share in the glamour of their day by displaying jewelry with which guests could adorn themselves throughout the celebration. We also wanted to shake up the standard lounge and games areas that are super popular at weddings. Our couple is encouraging their guests to let loose and relax with Italian soda in their lantern illuminated low lounge. And because every Italian grows up playing Bocce ball at family gatherings, we thought it, along with Chess, should be available for guests to enjoy post nuptials.

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All These Bars

If Italians love anything, it’s to mosey around, “mangia” (eat) and chitchat. To that end, we created three different areas where guests could engage in the whole Italian experience throughout the wedding. The first is our Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar Tasting Bar. Guests are actually invited to “gusto”, meaning “taste it.” This area was designed to feel like a mixture between a traditional antipasto display with lots of fresh nuts and fruits, but feel like a wine tasting, with a variety of items to taste and dip with! We also set up an after dinner drinks bar. Traditionally this drink course serves to “digestivo”, or help the guest to digest their food and cleanse their pallet prior to dessert.

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Everyone on the vendor team participated in setting up the table scape and, in my opinion, is the crowning jewel of this styled wedding. We used a vibrant medium blue and white linen that brought pattern, color and texture to our base. From there, we set down gold chargers, stacked mismatched white and blue vintage china at each place setting, and utilized gold toned flatware and mismatched vintage glassware to dress the table. Wedding guests found their assigned seats via namecards protruding from fresh herb-filled goblets (a great take-away!). To complete our vision, we used lush and loose white and blue florals with vibrant touches of green in antique vessels throughout our centerpiece to create a look that is modern & luxe while feeling easy and organic! Finally, it is an Italian tradition to gift wedding guests with 5 Jordan Almonds which represent five wishes for the couple: health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

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Florals & Printed Items

We wanted the flowers to reflect the essence of an Italian hillside garden while incorporating organic elements one might find growing wildly around such a place.  The floral palette included dahlias, garden roses, thistle, scabiosa, various pods and thistles, sage, rosemary, thyme, olive branch, peppercorn, and various lush vines.For all printed items, romantic curvy lines and relaxed versions of formal fonts were used to bring our look & feel to life.

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It was important that our bride’s look be one of easy elegance. We dressed her in a simple, delicate silhouette that featured a relaxed lace overlay. She was adorned in foxy blue and gold toned jewelry and a two rad floral headpieces. Her ladies wore airy blue and grey dresses to replicate the colors and movement of the Mediterranean. The fellas wore light, laid back outfits of diluted blues and whites.

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Vendor Love


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