Invitation Social Graces Part 2: Tackling the “What” of Wedding Invite Etiquette

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As promised, we are back with more on being oh-so-polite and doing it right when it comes to your wedding invitations! Last week we discussed the who part of wedding invitation etiquette; this week it is all about the what – i.e. the particular printed pieces included in your suite. Although the choice is yours as to what goes in them, there are still some rules and formalities that go along with being proper when it comes to compiling an invitiation suite. So without further ado, here’s what you need to know about what goes in to creating and organizing your paper items…


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Pick Your Pieces!

Every invitation suite need not be the same! Picking what information you send out to your guests, and how you do so is your call. There are plenty of combinations to choose from, but there are also the basics, which in terms of etiquette, it is important to cover your bases. With that said, your invitations will certainly include:

  • Main Announcement

The title kind of gives it away, but this is where all of your crucial, simple, need-to-know information will go. It is important that you are only giving your guests the basics on this piece: who’s getting married, who’s throwing the wedding, where and when it is taking place. Invitation formalities call for this card to be simple, which means there is no need to crowd your main announcement with details- that is in fact what we have “detail inserts” for! Just be sure to give your guests only the essential facts on the main announcement and you’re golden!

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  • Separate Detail Card or Multiple Inserts

For all you lovelies out there who adore getting and receiving comprehensive information, here is your chance to give your wedding guests any detail you so desire! We do suggest keeping the information in your invitation suite to a minimum, avoiding an overcrowded invitation packet, however your detail card(s) are the place to give your guests more than just the straight facts. You can choose to have one insert for any information you want to share outside of the main announcement, or create separate pieces for each data of information. We suggest that you share no more than 3 pieces of information on a single card card, so if you have more than that, then multiple cards would be the way to go. And, if you are having trouble narrowing down what you want to tell your guests, then by all means, take advantage of a wedding website. If you want them to be loaded with information, we are all for it, but that doesn’t mean everything you want your guests to be aware of for your day would be appropriate to include on your details card. By creating a website and giving your guests the URL on a detail card, you are free to share any little thing your heart desires without having a crazy crowded invitation suite. You are simultaneously saving space and providing information- it’s a win-win! Items that are commonly included on details insert(s) are hotel information, attire guidelines, directions, shuttle and/or parking information, registry, etc.

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  • RSVP card

A clear must-have part of your invitations! A well thought out RSVP card ensures that you hear back from your guests regarding if they will be able to celebrate with you! When it comes to etiquette, the most important thing is that you include a stamped envelope with your card. Gathering RSVPs from your guests is difficult enough as it is, so make it easy on your guests! By providing postage on the reply card, you are not only being polite, but also making it easy-peasy for your guests to just plop their response in the mail! Also, be sure that the card is properly addressed to the person who is in charge of keeping your RSVPs in order, whether that is you or someone else. Again, making it as easy as possible is the key here! This card should include both a space for your guests to write in their names, as well as the number of guests responding. If you are offering your guests a plated meal on your day, the RSVP card is also where you will gather the data regarding your guests’ meal selection. If you know the precise dishes you will be serving at the time of production, then feel free to share the full plate description on this card, at minimum you will want to list out each protein you will be offering.

Old-School vs. New-School!

Just as we touched based last week with the more formal side of invitations, we are here to give you an extra tid-bit of traditional etiquette. In terms of what information to provide to your guests, the old-school, formal rule of thumb is that it is never appropriate to put registry information on the main announcement. Some say it is not appropriate anywhere in the suite, but in these modern times, registry information on a details insert has become much more common and accepted, so it is ultimately up to you! With that being said, I beg you to please avoid printing anything in the vein of just wanting money from your guests! Even if it is the truth, it is just plain rude to print (or say out loud).


As you can see there are a lot of things to consider when it comes time to creating your wedding invitations, and the what can be a bit more complicated then what color or what style. Now that you know the etiquette of what goes into putting them all together, next week we will be here to tell you all about the when! Timing your invitations can be just as tricky, but don’t worry, we are here to help!

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