Intern Spotlight: Meet Lianna!

Well, hello darlings!

My name is Lianna, and I am so thrilled to be joining the exceptionally brilliant Marisa Nicole Events team this fall! How did I get so lucky?! I’ll be learning the ropes of the world of weddings, as well as keeping you updated and inspired all over social media. Since you’ll be seeing me around, here’s a few tidbits about me…

  • Favorite Wedding Blog: Ruffled, hands down! From colorfully modern venues to sweet, romantic decor, their blog has inspiration for everyone… No matter what style you’re feeling!
  • Describe the Perfect Wedding Cake Flavor Combo:  My favorite cake is ALL cake. The perfect wedding cake for me would be a yellow cake with a rum custard and fresh strawberries filling, topped with whipped cream. Like a grown-up strawberry shortcake!
  • Favorite Styling Genre for Event Design: I swoon over bohemian weddings with a twinge of romantic style. Add some soft pastels to raw desert vibes and I’m sold.
  • Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Bilocation! That way I could not only be in two places at once, but get things done in double time!
  • Veil, Flower or Headpiece?: Most definitely veil. It’s just such an iconic element in a wedding. The way I see it, there’s not too many chances in life to wear a big, flowing veil, so bring it on!
  • Favorite Wedding Tradition: Toasts! Hearing each newlywed’s right hand man or maid tell the story of their love and give well wishes is too sweet.
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you to tears: Right after the couple shares their kiss, and they head down the aisle… Seeing them hand in hand, glowing with wedded bliss! The love and joy in their faces is just beautiful.

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