Fun & Fresh Escort Card Ideas

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Here are Marisa Nicole Events, we truly believe that the success to every celebration is all in the details. This week we are focusing our attention on one detail that is present at almost every wedding, the escort cards. In case you are one of the few people reading this blog who have never been a guest at a wedding, escort cards serve to communicate where guests are assigned to sit throughout the dinning festivities. How we choose to approach communicating these assignments is an area in which we can get super creative. Fab escort cards can help to bring a celebration’s look & feel to life. Without further adieu, here are some fun DIY escort cards that just might make it on your wedding Pinterest board after reading post!

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We love the organic feel of taking found objects and turning them into something fancy for your day. These seashell table assignments fit the bill by being both beautiful and unique escort card options. This project doesn’t require that you “shell” out tons of time… Just buy shells from a craft store or (for those of us in Sunny California) take a trip to your local beach.newest resize for blog-6

Find Your Face

This mode of communicating table assignments to your guest is always a hit! People love arriving at your wedding to see that you’ve taken the time to track down a photo of them and display it on your day! Warming: it will be more time consuming than you think to gather pictures of all your guests, but do it as a shared project and the time will fly on by!newest resize for blog-12

Paper Airplanes

This card is fun and easy to create. Guests of all ages would love it, and it serves to add a touch of extra decor to your dinning tables once guests arrive at their seat. Bonus idea: place a world map or globe next to your escort card table and have your guests suggest where you and your new spouse should travel next!newest resize for blog-5

Personalized Bottle Caps

If you are a craft beer fan (or vintage soda works too) this is the escort card method for you!  We love the idea of personalized bottle caps with the couple’s name adorning each escort card, and we are sure your guests will too! Once the celebration is over, save a few bottles and cheers to a job well done with your personal touches.newest resize for blog-8

The Key To Your Seat

We have seen a ton of this escort card made in the past few years, but it never goes out of style. Nothing says simple elegance like a vintage key, tethered with ribbon to a fancy card. Swoon.

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Wine Corks

It’s not uncommon for our wine-loving couples to get married at a vineyard, and this touch ties it all back to the venue. However, this escort card isn’t limited to vineyard weddings, this can also be a perfect addition to any organically rustic wedding as well.newest resize for blog-7

Customized Wine Glasses/Mason Jars

Get ready for the toasts ahead of time with this escort card idea. All you’ll need for this project is to add your guests’ table and name information on the glass (use cute paper, a ribbon, or even mini chalkboard, the sky’s the limit!). With this escort card you’ll be raising a glass to a beautiful wedding before you know it.

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Whatever escort card project you choose to tackle for your wedding, make sure that you bring you and your sweetheart’s personalities to the table. We encourage you to be distinct and do something different to help bring your wedding vision to life!


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