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Wedding season is almost here and now is the time to start working out the smaller details of your day. One of those fab details that we love to make super personal are your guest favors! Proper etiquette dictates that your guests have something to take away from your wedding as a “thank you” for celebrating your marriage and marks the love you and your future spouse share. We get it, not having guest favors is an easy way to cut costs, but we think that it should be a priority. There are many easy, fun, and cute ideas that will not break the bank. To ensure your favors are worth the money and the effort, choose something that is really personal, not necessarily personalized. Here are some of our favorite guest favors that your guests will actually use or consume!

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Favorite Ingredients

Your guests will love something they can keep in their kitchen and an ingredient that they can use often. Pick you and your spouse’s favorite ingredient that has meaning to you. Maybe you put hot sauce on everything or maybe you both have a favorite coffee that gets both of you up in the morning or maybe you love to sweeten your day with a special type of honey!

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Favorite Snacks

Do you and your spouse have a favorite snack for when you are watching your favorite movie? Or maybe there is a snack that goes with your theme or location of your wedding. Making snack bags are a cheap and easy way to give your guests a little something that they can snack on after a long night of dancing.

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Let love grow! We are huge fans of the idea of sending your guests home with flowers or succulents. Your guests can easily put them in their kitchen or living room and will for sure be enjoyed!

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DIY Publication

Compile a list of 10-15 of you and your fiance’s favorite songs that have a special place in both of your hearts. Music is what can bring people together. Have your guests understand the music that puts a smile on your face and what brings you two together. Another idea is to make a mini cookbook of recipes you two love cooking! As they do say, a way to someone’s heart is through his or her’s stomach!

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We all know that alcohol never goes to waste! Give your guests the gift of libations, maybe pick out your favorite hard alcohol and give out little bottles with a cute tag on it. Or if you and your fiance are more into wine, hand out mini wine or champagne bottles. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with this one!

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Thanking your guests for coming to celebrate your love story is very much appreciated. It does not have to be anything too big or expensive, just keep it personal! You want your guests to be reminded of how beautiful your wedding was and how much you are thankful they were a part of your special day!

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