Festive Thanksgiving Tablescapes Part 2: Linens, Place Settings & Details Gallore

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving Lovelies!

Turkey Day is just a few days away, so get excited! By this point, your menu should be pretty much set, and you probably have at least some idea of what you’re doing for your centerpiece. Now that the big elements are planned out, we’d like to encourage you to think through some of the smaller details that will bring your Thanksgiving table from cute to crazy good! To that end, today we’re sharing some ideas to make the rest of your tablescape the talked about set-up of the holiday season. Linens, China, Glassware, Flatware, and small touches that bring the tablescape to life, these are the details that will make your guests squeal with delight from the moment they walk into your home! Remember those three design components we discussed last week? Once again, you will want to keep color, texture and shine at the forefront of your minds as you are crafting the rest of your table-space! On a side note, we at Marisa Nicole LOVE variety (and are going to suggest that you utilize some mismatched items), but do encourage you to remember that in these kind of situations, less can be more. Particularly at Thanksgiving when there will be colorful food in abundance, try to pick one aesthetic direction and stick to it. For example, rustic centerpieces wouldn’t make sense with modern elegant linens and Victorian flatware! Without further ado, here are the other areas of your table that we’d like to encourage you to be intentional about this Thanksgiving!

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All fab tablescapes rely on a great base, and that is where your table comes in! We are definitely not suggesting that you to purchase a new table just for your Thanksgiving feast, but we do want to help you show off what you love and hide what you don’t. If you have a large rectangular wooden table, we encourage you to show off that wood and simply lay down a fun or neutral runner down the center (skipping the full linen altogether!). However, if you are using mixture of several tables with varying finishes, shapes and sizes, one of the best things you can do to create a cohesive look is to utilize the same full table linen on all your dining surfaces.  You will for sure want to take color into consideration here. The key is to always pair color with a neutral. If you are planning to do a TON with color in your centerpieces and/or through the other elements on your table, your best bet would be to go with a super clean, neutral colored and textured linen. However, if you have a gorgeous patterned/colored/textured linen that you are dying to use, just be sure to compliment it with cleaner, neutral colored napkins, china and flowers.

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Place Setting

Place settings are probably our favorite part of the whole tablescape! Be sure to use the same guidelines we have been talking about this far. Feel free to mix and match colors and textures, and to incorporate a little sparkle! Start with a fun place mat or charger to frame and ground your place setting! We love chargers because they are inexpensive and really allow you to showcase your look. Place mats can be anything from a leaf-shaped mat to a square of wood or cork to a fun-patterned cloth.  As for the china, stacked, mismatched plates and bowls are our heaven! Swoon. Flatware can go on top of the plate tucked into a napkin, tied up atop a flat napkin, or the traditional way on either side of the plate (be sure to follow the rules of etiquette for this, which we won’t go into in this post). Regarding glassware on top of the table, you will want each place setting to have at least one glass for water or something non-alcoholic and then a wine (or specialty cocktail) glass. This is another great opportunity for pairing unexpected styles. Utilize varying colors, heights and finishes to death at your table! Not sure if you are too out of control with your mixing and matching? Our rule of thumb is that as long as you keep at least a third of your plates, flatware and glassware neutral (in color/finish/style), you should be just fine!

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Small or Personal Touches

They say the devil is in the details, and we agree! Little personal touches are what give your table the “aww” factor. One of our favorite things to do is to add place cards to each setting! We love the look of gold or colorfully painted leaves with names written in sharpie or paint pen on top. Stick a name card on top of a pine cone or wrapped around the stem of a glittery pumpkin. So fun! Adding a sprig of rosemary to each place setting is a super easy and cute touch to give a pinch of rustic woodsy-ness to your table. An alternative to place cards is to have a menu printed and tucked into each napkin- this is especially great for big groups so you don’t have to keep repeating what’s for dinner! As a final touch, we love to wrap silverware together with ribbon or twine to showcase style and to up the cutsie factor of each place setting. Ultimately, the small touches you incorporate into your tablescape are your opportunity to express your creativity and personality, so have fun with it! Continue to follow the guidelines presented in this series regarding maximizing variety while pairing standout items with neutrals as you determine the little details you want to showcase, and you should be all set to wow your guests this holiday!

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We hope these tips have helped you design the perfect tablescape for your Thanksgiving. Play with color, texture and shine throughout your linens, place settings and personal touches while remembering to pair everything with a neutral, you will be sure to end up with a praise-worthy dining experience. Have fun, be creative and have a happy Thanksgiving!

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