Festive Thanksgiving Tablescapes Part 1: Standout Centerpieces!

Happy holidays, lovelies!

Thanksgiving is almost here! With Turkey Day just around the corner, and many of you working tirelessly to create the perfect holiday celebration for you and yours, we thought we’d pause on wedding talk to focus this week and next on some tips on how to tablescape like a pro! It cannot be denied that cuisine is the cornerstone to this celebration, but don’t break our hearts and forget to design a fab base to accompany your tasty treats! Therefore, today we are going to focus on your centerpiece by sharing components to keep in mind throughout your design process: color, texture & shine! But wait, there is more. Before we dive into breaking down the specific design components, I am going to cheat and give you the best piece of advice regarding your Thanksgiving table arrangement right off the bat: Be sure to use an assortment of several low, varying sized arrangements to create you centerpiece instead of just a few large statement pieces. Why, you ask? The answer is two-fold: Keep them low so that your guests will be able to see and converse with each other over your centerpiece and structure your design in the form of a grouping so that you can easily shift items and/or take away pieces once the food is brought to the table!

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We at Marisa Nicole Events are crazy about fall colors! Thanksgiving is traditionally that wonderful time of year when we see a ton of burnt orange, burn red, mustard yellows, and all shades of brown. We encourage your use of all these colors in your Thanksgiving centerpiece! However, all these colors grouped together, without some form of neutral (whites, metalics or greens) to break them up can end up feeling monotone and just too dang warm in tone. Play with pairing your favorite fall hues with a strong neutral or two to create a balanced and understated arrangement. Think through your table runner, flowers (fresh and/or dried), vessles, candles and their holders and utlize all the colors in your color story to bring life to your Thanksgiving table!

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Another thing we love about fall is all the fun dried and textured items the season brings. Yes, florals and candles are the go-to for any centerpiece, but feel free to use these sparingly and introduce other elements to your arrangements. Play with adding coincidental fall items such as dried leaves, acorns, wheat, curly willow, berries, mini pumpkins, gourds, wooden elements, twine and burlap into your arrangements. Try using a cross section from a tree under a vase of flowers! Curly willow is a festive and inexpensive way to bring both height and structure to your table without spending a ton on fresh flowers. By mixing curly willow or wheat with a sprig of small berries you can easily create a laid-back, rustic feel to your table. Burlap and twine are great for creating rough edges and an easy DIY look. Use an 12”-18” wide burlap strip as a table runner or wrap twine around your vases!

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Every good table-scape needs at least a touch of shine, and holidays are a fun time to take it up a notch. Pumpkins and gourds are a go-to for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Try spray painting them gold or rolling them in glitter for an unexpected and stylish pop on the table. You can even apply this technique to fall leaves, pinecones and twigs to incorporate into cozy fall displays. Nothing feels more like home than the warm light of a few (or many) well-placed candles. This is the perfect place to experiment with size and shape. Use a few big candles, sprinkle many little ones across the table, or try a mix of both! Mercury glass candleholders are a great way to add a little shine and sparkle to your glowing flames and can be found for $5 or less! Just make sure not to put any candles directly under flammable center piece items- you don’t want an unanticipated fire to add too much glow to your evening!

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Start thinking about how to perfect your Thanksgiving centerpiece by using a variety of hues, textures and by bringing shine to your table! Now that we talked through your centerpiece arrangements, next week we’ll help you think through everything else on and around your Thanksgiving table!

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