Ensuring Beautiful Wedding Memories: Tips For Picking The Right Photographer For You!

Happy November Friends!

Fall is in full swing and our busy wedding season is finally starting to wind down. But for many of you future brides and grooms out there, the stress of planning your wedding and finding the right vendors for your day is just starting to weigh on you. Every couple wants their wedding to be captured beautifully, so it is not surprising that one of the first vendors they get excited about determining is the photographer. But how do you know if a company is going to be the right fit for your celebration? To that end, today we are sharing the three most important things you should consider as you are meeting with potential photographers and working through this very important decision.

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The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you like the photographer’s visual style. As you are perusing a photographer’s website, you should be able to quickly determine whether or not you are drawn to the look and feel of their shots. Two different photographers will shoot and edit the same exact wedding in drastically different ways. Look through the company’s “real wedding” albums together and identify the style you like: open/airy, bright, nostalgic, sharp, moody, happy — the visual aesthetic of each photographer is different and your job is to choose to meet with photographers whose images you can see yourself in.

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Pricing & Packages

When selecting the right photographer for you, it’s critical to know exactly what your price range is, and to stick to it! (side note – be sure you do a bit of research regarding how much photographers cost before drawing this line). Don’t allow yourself to meet with companies that are above and beyond what you were willing to spend. Prior to your consultations, sit down as a couple and talk through what services you need from a photographer before, during and after your wedding day. At your consultations, be sure to thoroughly cover what you do and do not get in their packages. Make sure you understand the following about the images you would be receiving from each photographer: resolution level, number of professionally edited images, and overall quantity of images delivered. For example, if you need to be able to print your images yourself, then you will want to make sure the photographer you choose delivers the images to you in high resolution. Find out if the package includes an engagement session and/or any additional albums. Talk through how many photographers will be present on your wedding and the number of hours your packages includes. Finally, be sure to ask how long after the wedding you can expect to receive the photos and what the delivery method will be.


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The final thing you need to consider is completely intangible. Unlike many of the other team members for your wedding, it is crucial that you genuinely like your photographer. It‘s super important that you feel comfortable and relaxed around the person who will be there to capture moments of bliss between you and your partner. If you feel awkward with your photographer, it will show in your wedding photos! If you find that you aren’t clicking during your consultation, then that photography company probably isn’t the right fit for you. It is crucial that this particular vendor, more than any other, is someone that you can truly be yourself around.

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All that to say, if you find a photography team that shoots in a style you like, offers the services you need at a price that works, and that you actually might want to be friends with, then hire that company STAT and check that vendor off your to-do list!


  1. Great things to consider. Like you mentioned, I think it is definitely important to do some research before hand into what the type of product you want should cost and realistically setting your budget based on what level of experience and quality of photos you really want. In the end, it’s one of the only things you’ll have after the party is over.

    Gut feeling is definitely important as well. You want to be comfortable with your photographer. If you’re not, it will show through in your images.

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