Party Fowls to Avoid as a Wedding Guest

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Huzzah – you have been invited to a wedding. The couple loves you, and can’t imagine starting this new chapter in their lives without you at their celebration. Of course the couple wants you to be able to let loose and have a great time at their wedding, but today we are going to help all you wedding guests out there by sharing tips on how to give these love-birds the best wedding favor of them all: being a good and gracious guest!

The truth is that at almost every wedding, there is always one guest who is notorious and everyone is telling stories about the next day. This week we want to help you avoid being that person. To that end, here are some guidelines for guest etiquette to keep in mind as you prepare for the wedding.

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  • There are quite a few moments at every wedding that only happen once, and the couple is paying a photographer handsomely to capture them professionally. We encourage you to let the photographer do their job (and to let the couple get their money’s worth) by avoiding getting in the way of the photographer’s shots. Seriously, you don’t want to be that person who is partially blocking the couple’s first kiss!
  • Please be conscious of being responsible in terms of what you do and do not post on social media throughout the event. Unless a hashtag is advertised, avoid posting shots of the bride and groom. There might be a reason why they aren’t encouraging people to post photos of their wedding, so just be careful of what you put out into the world of the internet without explicit permission


  • We at Marisa Nicole know the importance of timing at a wedding. With every moment of the day scheduled down to the minute, it is important that you are not the reason why any part of their special day is behind schedule. Therefore, if we ask you to move from one area to another, or if we ask you to take your seats, please do so my friends!
  • Plan to arrive at the wedding venue at least fifteen minutes prior to the time listed on the invitation. Upon arrival at the physical address of the venue, you may need to find parking, take a shuttle, go to the bathroom, or even walk down a long and windy path in heels before you finally arrive at the ceremony location. Keep this in mind and aim to be in your seat for the ceremony at the start time listed on the invitation. We might not start precisely at the time advertised, but you don’t want to be the person that the couple is waiting for to get hitched!

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  • The best advice we can give you for this area is to please keep it classy. If you’ve had a bit too much to drink and feel yourself getting sick, do yourself and the couple a favor by leaving the premises (or parking yourself in the bathroom)! The couple has paid for your booze all night (which they were happy to do). Now do them a favor and help them retain as much of their security deposit as possible by avoiding making a mess somewhere other than the toilet.


  • People don’t invite you to their wedding to get a gift from you. However, if you attend a wedding, eat their food and drink their wine, you really need to give the couple a gift. You have up to a year after the “I Do’s” to gift the couple. Trust me on this one, if you go to the wedding and don’t give a gift, the couple will remember for years and years to come that you did so!

Texts/Phone Calls To The Couple

  • As a rule, don’t bombard the couple with texts and phone calls on the days leading up to the wedding. If you have questions, refer to the couple’s invitation and/or wedding website prior to picking up the phone. If you can’t find the answer to your question, try asking another guest or member of the bridal party. The couple is busy, don’t bug them on their wedding day with texts about how you will be late or how you can’t figure out where to park…

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Appropriate Attire

  • Gals, once again we beg you to keep it classy. A little leg and cleavage is fine, but don’t go overboard and be the person the other women are talking trash about in the bathroom.
  • Fellas, just take the time to look clean and nice. Smell good, if at all possible!

Respect Boundaries

  • Avoid entering into area of the reception in which you have yet to be invited. If is a space is unavailable to you, it may be because the photographer still needs to capture detail shots of the tables, the stylists are in the middle of working the space, the caterers are finishing setting things up, or the couple wants a big reveal. Whatever the reason, be a good guest and play by the rules!

When to leave

  • Couples understand that not everyone can stay until the last dance. With that being said, if you have to leave the party early, try to wait until after dessert is served to hit the road so that you’re not doing the whole dine and dash thing.


Remember, the couple invited you to be a part of this special day because they feel like it wouldn’t be the same without you! By following these tips, you’ll avoid being that guest which the family, bridal party and couple remembers in a not so great way (for years to come!).

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