Don’t Forget The Packing List: An Organized Gal’s Best Friend!

give back table resizeHappy Monday Friends!

Summer is finally here and it seems as if no matter where you turn, people are getting married! Everyone knows that tight organization is vital to producing a seamless event, so with wedding season in full swing, we are here to share a little organizational tip with you! While brides may think they are completely prepared with their various spreadsheets and timelines, there is one last thing that is essential in preparing for the wedding day shuffle, and that is the ever-so-important “packing list”! Weddings contain so many details to keep track of: from table decor to signs galore, and no bride can be expected to remember every necessary item at their wedding without a little help! This is where a super detailed packing list comes in.

Sometimes venues only allow a short set-up time frame, so it is essential to ensure everything you need is present and ready for quick installation. Other, more DIY intensive weddings, require a laundry list of items needed such as hanging tools, easels, ribbon, etc! As you can see, each and every detail that goes into styling a vignette is vital to creating a perfectly balanced aesthetic scene: signage and sign support, photos, fruit, vases, string décor…We could go on and on, but I think you get the point! Having these details compiled in one place, on an organized packing list, will guarantee a worry free wedding set up!

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We hope that sharing this trick adds ease and organization to everyone involved in setting-up and tearing down on your big day!

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