Cultivating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Supper

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day!

There’s just a few more days before the 14th and I am sure some of you are still stuck on ideas of what to do to make this Valentine’s Day special! Roses, a five course dinner and chocolates may seem like the the standard way to go, but this year we encourage you to think outside the box by taking a different approach to this day of love! From design to florals to cuisine, we’re here to guide you in crafting a perfectly understated, super-fun celebration that will still feel romantic for you and your sweetheart! Before diving in, let me also take a moment to mention that we at Marisa Nicole Events are big advocates of the friends Valentine’s celebration (I mean what could be better than having a fab evening with not only the one you love most, but also with a rad crew of friends that you adore… you can always have a little private after-party of your own after the group activity).

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Ruffled and Romantic

It is important to remember that presentation is everything! There is no need to overdo a tablescape with deep reds, purples and saturated pinks. Instead, try to keep your overall look organic, light and breezy. We suggest utilizing diluted hues (perhaps in blush, mauve or light blue) with tons of creamy neutral colors. Every gal and fella knows roses are the symbol of love, but this year we encourage you to pass those right on by and opt for a fresher look. To accompany a more airy tablescape, we recommend incorporating quite a bit of loose and delicate greenery into your arrangements. Keep it clean and minimal with touches of romantic, ruffled blooms to create the easy vibe we’re going for!

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Candles Galore

I know what you are thinking – candles? Aren’t those the absolute cheesiest? The truth is that they can be, but setting candles with a purpose will help bring a relaxed and romantic ambiance to your celebration. By having your glow strategically placed throughout your decor and at varying heights, the lighting will look layered, creating the perfect mood lighting (PS – it is a commonly known fact that people look their best by fire-light, so help out your guest(s) by allowing the candles to serve as your main source of light, if possible). Choose candles that are all one color (we suggest ivory or cream) and are unscented. Be sure to add extra greens to tuck throughout your candles (again to serve that overall, easy and laid back, romantic look).

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Farm to Table

Do not put pressure on yourself to produce a five course meal! We encourage you to try servicing a classic dish (with maybe a fresh twist thrown in for good measure) to keep things easy for yourself, but tasty for your guest(s), go with something that is simple, clean and organic. If you want to try a new recipe, try homemade pesto to spread on some freshly baked bread. For dinner, a filet mignon with a side of veggies is the easiest way to a yummy meal (and also happens to be super easy to produce).

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Personal Touches

Don’t get nervous, we’re not asking you to grab some scissors, cut out hearts and scatter them all over. Take a moment to think of something your significant other loves. Is it baseball? Or maybe they go nuts over mudpies. Personalize your dinner experience by featuring that thing and finding a way to bring it to life. Perhaps you could make mini mudpies for dessert. Or mimic the look of a professionally signed baseball by writing your guest’s name on a baseball and placing it at his or her plate. Alternatively, keep up the organic theme and place rocks with names on them at each place setting. Whatever your guest(s) love, show them with this little and unexpected something extra!

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Tada! Celebrate your Valentine’s Day like a pro by keeping things free and organic, airy and easy, while still hinting at romance. Here again is a cheat-sheet of aesthetic items to avoid:

Traditional Valentine’s Day Aesthetics to Avoid (at least this year):

  • Dark reds, deep purples and hot pink
  • Too much overall color
  • Roses and carnations
  • Love music that relates too closely to Marvin Gaye
  • Anything that can be purchased at your local drug-store

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