Choose This, Not That: Tips For Couples on a Super Tight Budget

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Over the last few weeks, we have devoted our blog posts to the aesthetic side of event planning. Therefore, today we are going to kick the designer out of the studio (tear) and talk frankly with those couples that want to host a solid wedding celebration on a tight budget. Without further ado, here is a guide of seven simple choices you can make that will help you save some serious dough.


We adore designing weddings in stellar spaces where we get to bring in everything and build the party from scratch to our liking. However choosing a venue like this is rarely a cost effective decision. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to choose a location that includes many of the items you need on your wedding day in the rental fee or price per head. Finding a venue that provides anything that you will for sure need on your day (such as tables, chairs, china, glassware, flatware, portable bathrooms, power, etc) will save you the cost of needing to rent those items later.

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If certain rentals come with a venue or catering company, use them! However we do understand that sometimes these items can be drab! Bring your look to life by choosing to enhance what already comes in your package, rather than ditching them altogether in order to rent specialized items. For example, you can completely change the look of an ordinary ivory linen to a table that goes with your look by incorporating an overlay or runner.

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Want that gorgeous Vera Wang dress but just can’t justify spending $10K on it? Rent it for a quarter of the price! Websites like have great deals for wearing what you want at a fraction of the cost. Ditto on the tux!

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This one is pretty simple. Offering your guests a plated or family style meal is hands-down more expensive than having a buffet. The great thing about buffets is that they allow people to choose exactly what they want to eat and encourages people to get up and move around. Just make sure you have someone controlling guest flow to avoid long lines!

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We do love live bands and completely understand when a couple feels the need for one. However DJ’s are at least half the price (if not even less) than a live musical group. DJ’s are more versatile than bands (so they can really feel out the crowd to play what people will want to dance to) and they can play your specific favorite jam in its original version!

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Folding Chairs

Not happy with the white garden folding chairs that come with your venue, but can’t afford fancy vineyard style chairs you have been drooling over on Pinterest? We have the perfect happy medium for you! Natural and dark wood folding chairs usually cost only about $1 more per chair than white garden chairs, but completely change the look of your event! As you can see from the picture below, vineyard chairs were used at the sweetheart table, and folding chairs were used everywhere else. You can barely tell the difference!

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Wedding photographers offer some pretty varied packages. The least expensive way to get great photography is find a photographer that offers a “digital photos only” package, where they deliver all the high-res images to you online. Also, try to find a company that offers one price for the whole day instead of hourly.

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The more alcohol you plan to offer to your guests, the more money your bar is going to cost. We recommend hosting a partial bar instead of a full bar, keeping options to just beer, wine, and a designer cocktail or two. Be sure to keep a look-out for the BevMo 5-cent wine sale so that you can pay up to 50% less for your vino!

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We love when our couples want to go all out, but we understand when the funds just aren’t there to do so. If that is you, use this as a guide to making smart decisions that will save you money in the long run. Hope this is helpful, and good luck on organizing your big day!


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