Orange County Soiree – Tina & Steve Married!

Hi lovebirds!

It’s been awhile since we last shared one of our real weddings. Today, as Steve & Tina celebrate their one year anniversary, we couldn’t be more excited to share their super colorful, super memorable orange county soiree with you (woohoo)! Without further ado, let’s give it up for Mr & Mrs. Adams!

Tina and Steve are both fun loving  individuals with a large friend base. We worked with them to create a thoughtful, easy, intimate and vibrant wedding at the amazing Heritage Museum in Fullerton, California. Talk about a modern crafted fetê.

Since the venue is very nature-oriented, we elevated the space with vibrant splashes of color, including varying blue and green hues along with pops of bright pinks and gold. To further spice up the already enchanting setting, we utilized a variety of textures, incorporating a mix of muted cacti (a nod to Tina’s Arizona roots) with soft bright pink blooms to transform the venue from pretty to perfect!

The couple really wanted this wedding to be memorable for their guests, with a takeaway that everyone would treasure. Killing two birds with one stone, Tina’s bridesmaid, Chelsea, hand calligraphed personalized agate rock for each guest at their seat (fozy!). Sticking to the desert motif, the love birds also gifted their guests with cutie cacti treats for everyone to take home!

One detail that we loved about this wedding, was how Tina & Steve incorporated all the kiddos in their lives into the wedding. They had a army of cute as a button flower girls and page boys at the wedding.  

To end this oh-so-fun and beautiful celebration, the couple had their neighborhood ice cream truck driver pop by the wedding for dessert! The guests went crazy. It was the perfect cherry on top to the perfect wedding sundae.

Thank you to Tina and Steve for giving us the privilege to help create such fun wedding! Congratulations and Happy One Year!

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Styled Shoot – Ruffled DIY “Love Letters”

Hello, darlings!

We absolutely loved partnering with Ruffled and a fab team of collaborators on this DIY project. Ruffled supplied us with files for the letters in the alphabet, along with a vision to showcase scrabble-letter style decor and we did the rest! We decided to incorporate Ruffled’s letters in two ways into a wedding day: hanging as a part of a ceremony backdrop and as a menu for our sweets station!

Creating these looks took time, however what we love about this project is that the steps are so simple that I am confident any of my clients would be able to accomplish this! The best part is that the project is relatively cost effective and the letters really make an impact on your design!

Once you determine what you would like to spell out, here are the steps we took in order to accomplish these two looks:

Step 1 – Print & cut-out letters

Before you start printing, we suggest you get organized. You’ll want to figure out how many of each letter you will need print accordingly. We used cream cardstock and a small printer for the letters. Then, we used a small paper cutter to get perfectly straight and measured letters that matched the look we were going for.

Step 2 – Choose your wood type & size

We needed our letters to be light, so we used the lightest wood we could find, Balsa wood. For our ceremony set-up, we cut the wood into individual pieces slightly larger than our paper letters via several runs from a sharp exacto knife. For our sweets set-up, we just found a 10-pack of balsa wood sheets on Amazon in the size that we needed, 36”X6”.

Step 3 – Adhere letters to wood

We used matte mod podge to carefully adhere the paper letters to the wood.

Step 4 – Display

Lastly, to display our set-up for the ceremony, we drilled small holes in the top of the wood in order to weave fishing wire through the individual pieces. For our sweets set-up, all we had to do was stick the wooden sheets to the wall, which we did with mounting putty (as to not damage the venue’s walls!).

Thanks so much to Ruffled and the whole team for collaborating with us to showcase these simple yet sweet love letters!

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Wedding Getaway: Tips for Hosting the Perfect Wedding Weekend!

Hello lovelies!

Three day weddings are all the rage! We love a good destination wedding (Hawaii, Costa Rica, Amalfi Coast, oh my!), but many of our couples are reluctant to plan a wedding that isn’t accessible for all their nearest and dearest to attend. More and more couples are coming to us wanting the destination wedding experience, where all their guests spend the entire weekend together at multiple events, but here in SoCal. We love helping our couples host these events and today we’re sharing a few tips & best practices to help you plan a smooth, successful and super fun wedding weekend, start to finish!

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Tip #1: Have everyone stay at the same place

This makes for simple coordination when traveling from event to event! If you don’t want your guests to splurge on just one single place, try looking for a city or neighborhood that has hotels within walking distance from each other at different price points. That way your guests can still feel included in the weekend but not have to break the bank!

Photo Credit: Lin & Jirsa

Photo Credit: Colby Elizabeth Photography

Tip #2: Choose your location (wisely!)

Especially for a Southern California wedding that might not seem like a destination to you, could be an extravagant trip for your guests near and far! Los Angeles and the surrounding cities (Palm Springs, Carlsbad, Santa Barbara, Temecula, Lake Arrowhead, and the list goes on and on…) are home to some of the most unique and beautiful venues and areas, which means your guests will still call it a destination wedding, even if you reside in the area!

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Tim Ronca

Tip #3: Offer activities & options in between scheduled events

These can vary depending on your guests, and even your personal interests! A few suggestions are yoga, shopping, golfing, spa treatments, or a hike! It’s a special way to let your guests explore the city you are hosting your weekend in, and gives you some fun free time with friends & family.

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

Photo Credit: K Stone Photography

Tip #4: Provide transportation to and from off-site events

You want to make sure your weekend weekend is accessible and safe! For guests who might not know the area well, or who have a drink or two, providing transportation is the way to go. If your guests are tech-savvy, you can coordinate Ubers to each destination, or explore some rental options like sprinter or school buses. Be sure to research the accommodation locations as some hotels or resorts offer transportation between certain destinations.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Lukas VanDyke

Tip #5: Invite everyone to every event!

It is so important that your guests feel a part of every aspect of your wedding weekend, even if they can’t make it to every event. Be consistent with your invitations and communications with all of your wedding guests so they know where/when to be at each event during the weekend (feel free to add in optional events as well!)

Photo Credit: Matthew Bronner

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon

Tip #6: Make sure guests have easy access to food & beverages throughout the weekend

Nothing is worse than having a group of guests looking to you when they are hungry! If you’re staying at a hotel, make sure to give guests info on how to access the hotel bar, gift shop, or restaurant if they are looking for a bite or a drink. If you are leaning towards casitas or a mansion, figure out a way to hire a personal chef for a few hours a day to prep snacks that are always accessible.

Photo Credit: Lin & Jirsa

Photo Credit: Hello Studios Photos

Tip #7: Distribute a detailed packing list prior to the wedding weekend

It is super important and helpful that your guests are adequately prepared for the weekend. On your invitation, add in a brief schedule for the weekend and include everything they could possibly need! If you are going to have a pool party, people need to know to bring their bathing suits. If you are offering a golfing excursion, serious enthusiast will likely want to use their own clubs. The more thorough, the better (your guests will thank you later!)

Photo Credit: Iris & Light

Photo Credit: Prim & Pixie

Tip #8: Find new ways to surprise your guests at every event!

This could be as easy as using a different customized cocktail napkin, having different decór element for each event, or simply offering a variety of new cocktails or appetizers when munching throughout the weekend. It sounds very straightforward, but in the age of technology, when people are Snapchatting and Instagram story-ing non-stop, they’ll be so impressed and happy with new details (or even a small gift!)

Photo Credit: Erin J Saldana

Photo Credit: Lin & Jirsa

We hope you grabbed some ideas to use as you plan your fun, fab wedding weekend. We love seeing our tips & tricks coordinated into couple’s weddings. Be sure to shout us out if you add some of your personal flair to our advice, we love a client who knows how to personalize! Stay stylish, beauties!

Picking The Right Reception Dining Service Style For Your Day!

Hello lovelies!

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography

The New Year is in full swing and many of our clients are in the midst of nailing down the details of your wedding meal. We’re kind of foodies over here at Marisa Nicole Events and LOVE a good meal, so we’re here to help make sure that yours is super yummy and a wonderful experience for you and your guests. As you start finalizing your overall wedding vibe, guest experience, counts and financial figures, one of the items you will need to determine is the service style for your wedding feast. There are a few different options you can choose from, each having their own elements to consider depending on how formal you want your reception to be and your budget. Here are some pros and cons to all dining styles to make sure that your reception is full of delicious food and fun!

Photo Credit: Hello Studios


If you are on a tight budget, buffet is typically the way to go for your wedding meal service style as it tends to be the most cost effective. One thing we really like about this service style is that your guests have the option to put whatever they desire on their plate. Guests with allergies or food intolerances can avoid food they do not want and overload on what they love. Another element to consider is that your guests will need to get up to get their meal and try as we may to control the flow so the line isn’t super long, there is almost no way to completely avoid people standing in line waiting. Therefore, if you are having a relaxed reception and want people moving around, a buffet might be just the ticket. However, if you’re looking to create a formal affair where your guests are spoiled and their every need is attended to, then a buffet would not serve the overall vibe of your wedding day.

Photo Credit: Cami Takes Photos


This is a spin on a buffet, but where different food items are available at various locations throughout the reception space. Depending on where you are getting married, this is often a more expensive option than a traditional buffet, as you need more food and more chefs to execute. As with a buffet, we love that guests get to choose what is on their plate. Also, it gets people up and moving, creating a casual dining environment. However, since the stations are spaced out throughout the reception, you don’t have to deal with the big buffet line that is often a wedding meal downer. Another thing we really love about stations is that it provides a bit of a wow-element as the guests interact with the chefs as they prepare their food live. I mean how fun it is to choose exactly what you want on your pasta, or to choose your own cut of meat from a carving station!

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography


Having a plated meal is typically the most formal option, as guests are served their meals restaurant-style right at their seats. Additionally, since the catering team is present within the dining area throughout the meal, your guests will receive more table service to help attend to their food and beverage needs throughout the evening. Plates normally include a protein, starch and vegetable. One thing to consider is that it will require for you to request guests to indicate their meal selection ahead of time on their RSVP card, which you will then have to indicate on each guests’ name card for the catering team. Unfortunately, sometimes guests forget what they ordered and this can create confusion or shortages (even with well indicated and well displayed place cards). Another thing to consider is that since guests do not have access to the food that goes on their plate directly, they will be stuck with whatever is in the meal he or she ordered and won’t be able to go back for seconds. However, this is the go-to for most weddings, and is often considered the most classy way to go.

Photo Credit: Iris & Light Caterer: Tres LA Catering


This service is a formal option as well, and tends to be the most expensive service style… and of course, we love it the most (we are gals with fancy taste, what can I say…). Part of the reason why family-style has become so popular over the past five years is because it combines all the pros of the other service styles. Like buffet and stations, it allows guests to choose what is on their plate, but without having the guests get up to load up their plates. Servers will still bring all the food to each table, but because guests need to pass platters back and forth, it encourages a friendly environment between guests.

Photo Credit: Braedon Flynn Photography

Whew, now that we have walked you through each of the major wedding meal styles, we hope you feel equipped to determine what would be best for your celebration. Each service style has their own sets of pros and cons, and financials are just one of those components. Remember that each caterer will price their meals and service styles differently, so the data in this overview is just a general idea how things typically breaks down. And in the end, whatever style you choose, as long as you are happy with your choices and your caterer serves quality cuisine, your guests will be content and ready to get up and shake it on the dance floor!

Photo Credit: Iris & Light