Wedding Day Attire Part 2: Choosing the Veil that’s Right For You

Hi Beautiful Brides!

Last week we have discussed the various dress styles you can choose from depending on your body type, and this week we are all about that veil. This piece is optional for your walk down the aisle but can be a great time to show your style. There are plenty of options for this beautiful accessory, but should you choose to forgo it, check out these stylish hairpieces.

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Here are our suggestions for what type of veil goes best with your dress:

Birdcage Veil

Rock this look with any vintage or retro styled dress, it is very complementary with the look and won’t overwhelm it!

Photo Credit: Patrick Yandoc

Shoulder Length

This fun option is great if you are a petite gal wearing a fitted dress! It won’t get in the way while you are busting a move and is simply a shortened version of the traditional elbow-length veil.

Photo Credit: Classic Veils

Elbow Length

This look is perfect for any hour-glass shaped woman as it will help direct attention towards the cinched waist!

Photo Credit: Ivory and Co.

Waltz Veil

This look is very classy, pair it with a sheath dress and let it play on the length of your body if you are long and lean!

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Studios

Chapel Veil

This classic veil look is something a bit shorter than the Cathedral Veil. It is still elegant and beautiful, but not too overwhelming. You can match this with almost any body type and dress style!

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Cathedral Veil

The utmost traditional look is the Cathedral veil. It is definitely perfect for anyone looking for a dramatic entrance. It can go with almost any look as well, although if you are petite we advise you to go for something shorter so that it doesn’t overwhelm your body size.

Photo Credit: Iris and Light

Now  that we have shared our wedding attire inspiration with you, comment below which look you plan on rocking! And always remember that as long as you are wearing something that you love and that makes you feel confident, you will always be the most stunning woman in the room.

Wedding Day Attire Part 1: The Best Wedding Dress Styles For Your Shape

Hello Lovely People,

Wedding season is almost here! At least nine months before your celebration you should be browsing beautiful gowns to wear on your special day. Choosing your wedding dress can be just as magical as it seems on every episode of Say Yes To The Dress, but don’t put pressure on yourself if it isn’t! As long as you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. We know how important this particular garment is and that there is a dress out there for any bride of any size. Trends come and go, but do what’s best for you and what you feel confident in because the classic bride is never out of style. Here are some options that we know you can rock depending on your body type.

Photo Credit: Iris and Light


If you are petite in stature, you don’t want anything to overwhelm your size. Some great dress options include mermaid style or a structured trumpet dress.

Photo Credit: This Love of Yours Photography


If you consider yourself a lady with long legs and tall in height, try and go for something to accentuate your model height! You have many options from sheath to slip, and even ball gown style.

Photo Credit: Caitlin O’Reilly


If you have some beautiful curves, we think a great style dress for you would be an empire waist gown! You could also rock this dress with an invisible neckline, showing only a sweetheart shape!

Photo Credit: Aaron Young Photography


If you are large up top, one of the most flattering styles is a square neckline, and it’s a bonus that these dresses typically have wide straps so you don’t have to struggle with a strapless bra!

Photo Credit: Katie Pritchard Photo


If you are one of the leaner ladies, you have plenty of options! You can rock anything from an A-line style with a slit, to a fun two-piece gown to bare a little midriff

Photo Credit: Larissa Cleveland

Photo Credit: Brian Hatton


For the hourglass ladies, you are darn lucky that you can practically wear whatever you want to show off your enviable curves! Try the highly favorable mermaid style or anything with a cinched waistline.

Photo Credit: Le Secret d’Audrey

Happy Wedding Dress Hunting! And always remember, if you dress yourself in happiness, you will look beautiful in anything.

Photo Credit: Nick Radford

Incorporating Your Pooch In Your Wedding

Hi Love Birds,

So it’s your big day, and you obviously want every special person in your life to be there! But what about the special non-humans in your life? Yes, we’re talking about your fur-baby! Your pooch is like your child, and they deserve to be part of this monumental day. They want to see their humans getting married too! Many couples come to us about how they want their dogs in their wedding, so we have some tips and ideas for how exactly you can make that happen.

Photo Credit: Rhythm Photography

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to keep in mind when including your best friend into the wedding:

  • Make sure it is cleared with your venue that dogs are allowed on the property before you get your heart set on having the little bud attend.
  • Consider hiring a professional dog sitter! This way someone is always taking care of the dog. They can bring it when he or she is needed, take them away when appropriate, and make sure your four-legged friend is fed and given potty breaks.
  • Keep in mind that your pooch should have someone familiar nearby. Most likely they are going to want to run straight into your arms to shower you with kisses, but this can cause some wedding trouble. You won’t be able to watch your dog like you do when you’re at home, so having someone they are familiar with will help keep them preoccupied, and comforted.
  • If your dog is taken back to a hotel room during the party, make sure someone is checking up on your little fur baby once every couple of hours so they can be fed and let out. We know this goes without saying, but it is worth noting because once people start drinking and having a good time, we have seen the bridal party or family members completely forget about the pup stuck in a room in desperate need of a potty break! This is another great reason why you may want to consider hiring a professional dog sitter!

Photo Credit: Readyluck Photographers

Options for Prime Pooch Incorporation

Here are some of our favorite options of when your furry best friend can have the limelight.

Ring Bearer

You can entrust your precious jewels to your most reliable friend.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Skog


They love sniffing them anyways, might as well as make them in charge of tossing the blooms down the aisle!

Photo Credit: Catherine Hall Studios

Grand Entrance

Your big moment is also their big moment!

Photo Credit: Lin & Jirsa

Part of Your Romantic Photos

A family photo wouldn’t be complete without them anyways.

Photo Credit: Peterson Photography

Part of Your Wedding Decorations

You may as well as have a whole part of your wedding theme dedicated to your furry friend!

Photo Credit: Jasmine Lee Photography

From one dog lover to another, we wish you the best of luck! We know that you will go to any extreme to make sure your pup feels the love on your special day.

Woof Woof (“cheers” in dog language)!


Keeping Tradition Alive Part 3: Something Borrowed and Something Blue

Hello Lovely People,

We are on to our final part of this blog series, and we saved the best for last! Wearing something borrowed and blue on your wedding are the two most well-known parts of this age-old rhyme. Here are a few ideas we have put together so you can seamlessly incorporate both. Don’t forget that you can overlap many of these ideas to be combined with something old or something new!

Photo Credit: Next Exit Photography

Something Borrowed: Accessories

Need some more ideas for your something borrowed? We have compiled some of our favorites below.


One heartwarming idea is to borrow a treasured rosary from a parent or grandparent if you are having a Catholic or Christian wedding!

Beachcomber Cafe + Crystal Cove Wedding, Orange County

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Photography


Nothing says timeless better than a borrowed watch from a mentor in your life, whether that be a relative or not.

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography


Earrings can be something new, old, or borrowed from someone special in your life to carry a piece of them with you down the aisle.

Photo Credit: Lin & Jirsa Photos

Something Borrowed: Attire


A sweet gesture for your walk down the aisle could include a borrowed bowtie or tie from a relative or close friend.

Photo Credit: Jillian Rose Photography


There is no better version of a nod to tradition than borrowing a veil from a previous wedding to share the happiness on your day.

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography


As we mentioned in part one, a borrowed garter from a bride who now has children can symbolize passing along her fertility to you! So include this little garment to ensure some good luck down the road.

Photo Credit: Colby Elizabeth Photography

Something Blue: Accessories

Including something blue is one of our favorite parts of this rhyme. You can have so much fun with unique, blue ideas! Here are some of ours:


You can include a little bit of blue in your beautiful bouquet that you carry with you as you walk down the aisle.

Photo Credit: Next Exit Photography


If it goes with your wedding look, incorporate some blue earrings to add a little extra sparkle.

Photo Credit: Colby Elizabeth Photography

Shoe Decal

We love this creative idea of adding a pop of blue to the underside of your shoe!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Something Blue: Attire


Your walk down the aisle won’t be blue, but your socks sure can be!

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography


If you want your toes to pop, you can include some blue heels to tie into the rhyme!

Photo Credit: Next Exit Photography


A handkerchief with blue embroidery and a sweet (or funny) message is another one of our favorite, unique blue ideas.

Photo Credit: Kim Fox

Extra Credit: A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

If you want some extra good luck for your future marriage, you could include the typically overlooked part of the rhyme that mentions a silver sixpence in her shoe. We have seen a couple of creative ideas for those superstitious couples, but this one has to be our favorite of all time.

Photo Credit:  Jonny Draper and Sarah Sadler for Charlotte Mills Bridal

These past three weeks we have discussed what the rhyme is and what it means, as well as providing some creative ideas for what you can do for each part. Don’t forget that you can always combine the ideas to have something blue, old, and borrowed, or any combination of the sort! With these creative ideas, we know you can’t go wrong! We wish you all of our luck in your future marriage!

Photo Credit: Colby Elizabeth Photography