Crafting Your Day-Of Timeline: Part Two of Three

Hello again, lovebirds!

Today, we are back with the second part of our day-of timeline blog series. In Part One, we discussed a list of things you must consider before starting your day-of timeline. Part Two is all about organizing those details and putting pen to paper to create an efficient, smooth timeline! It is important to remember that many details are highly individual. Timing, vendors, and other details are not universal, so your timeline will be specific to your wedding and who you have hired – no two timelines are the same! Therefore, the steps we suggest are useful guidelines, rather than a complete magic formula. Let’s get started!

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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1. Start with the data

At the top of your day-of timeline, write down all the facts you know about your wedding. This should include your getting ready location, the number of attendees, the number of children attending, a bridal party headcount, and vendor details. Include all the numbers! Remember, this is a document anyone should be able to pick up and run the show, but make sure you designate a coordinator to keep the production flowing smoothly!

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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2. The FOUR major times

There are four specific times that will serve as marking points throughout your unique timeline. These are key times, therefore you must reference back to them when planning out the specifics of your day.

  • Time you are allowed on the property.
  • Start time listed on invitations.
  • Time the music has to be completely off.
  • Time you have to be completely cleaned up and off the property.

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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3. At property-on time, vendors should be in full force

Everyone gets a “call time”, no matter what their role is. Whether it be vendors, the bridal party, or parents, there is a time and place they will need to be. First things first, receive any deliveries. If the wedding is built from scratch, rentals typically arrive first. If the venue has in-house amenities, like a hotel, regular vendors (caterer, florist, etc.) should come first. Ask each vendor how much time they will need to set up and assign their “call time” accordingly.

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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4. Organize getting yourself and others ready

Make a hair and makeup schedule for every person. As mentioned in Part One, leave nothing up to chance! Assign each member of your bridal party to a hair and makeup service and map out their schedule for getting ready. Even if they do not strictly stick to the timing, the accountability of having a time scheduled will help keep everyone on schedule.

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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5. Photo timing

Capturing the day for memories is very important! Allow enough time to get the shots you want. In Part One, we mentioned the categories of photos you may want, as well as the option for a First Look. These decisions will affect photo planning. Once everyone is dressed, photos should begin immediately. Do not be surprised if you are ready and taking photos while the ceremony appears to only be half set up. Trust your vendors to meet their schedule. Set up teams can accomplish more in a small amount of time than you might expect. Photos should wrap thirty minutes before the start time indicated on your invitation. At this time, the bride should be out of sight relaxing and there should be no activities planned once guests start arriving.

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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6. Ceremony timing

It is unrealistic to expect your ceremony to start at the exact time indicated on your invitation. It is likely guests will be late in sitting down or you will be running a few minutes behind. To avoid the stress of running late, plan for it! Expect to begin 15 to 30 minutes after the announced start time.

Wedding Day Timeline | Marisa Nicole Events

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That’s it for now, lovebirds! Join us next time where we will continue talking about timing and figuring out the flow of your reception.

Crafting Your Day-of Timeline: Part One of Three

Happy Wednesday, lovebirds!

Wedding season is finally here and, in a perfect world, every couple would have an amazing wedding planner in charge of putting together a solid, logistically sound day-of timeline. However, we get that this is not feasible for everyone. So, today, and in the coming weeks, we are going to talk you through how to create an efficient wedding day timeline for your celebration.

Day of Timeline Part 1 | Marisa Nicole Events

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The most important thing to remember is that it is essential to formalize and write down every detail of what will happen on your wedding day. Do not leave anything up to chance! The who, what, when, and where of every action, whether it be a simple floral movement or a big delivery, must be accounted for. The first part of this three-part blog series is about gathering all the information. Once you and your fiancé have made all the necessary decisions, you’ll be ready to put pen to paper – which we will get to in Part Two and Three!

Day of Timeline Part 1 | Marisa Nicole Events

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Questions to ask yourself about getting ready for your big day (remember, no detail is insignificant!)

  • Where do you want to get into your dress? This may seem like a quick, simple detail but it is an important decision that will affect other pieces of your day. If you are getting ready off-site and choose to get in your dress there, you will need to make appropriate transportation arrangements and consider how to keep your dress tidy in the car. If you are getting dressed at the venue, you will need to ensure you have the time and space secured. In either case, arrange to have your photographer present where you are getting ready.
  • Are you willing to do a First Look? Some couples prefer to wait to see each other until the bride walks down the aisle; however, this means all couples photography will have to be done after the ceremony during the first part of cocktail hour. If you are willing to do a First Look, however, you will be able to take photos before the ceremony begins and fully enjoy your guests for the entire cocktail hour! Either option works, but it is important to discuss what you and your fiancé prioritize.
  • Are you, your partner, or your bridal party changing clothes throughout the day? If so, take note of these costume changes and plan your timing accordingly.

Day of Timeline Part 1 | Marisa Nicole Events

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Information to gather from your venue and vendors

  • What time are you allowed on the property and by what time will you be required to leave? Knowing the times you are working with will give you a specific information about when the day needs to start and when it must end. This will help in determining the “call time” for each vendor. It is very important to honor the agreed upon time you will be off the property. Not doing this may cost you a lot of money.
  • What time does your venue require sound to be turned off by? It might not be the most desirable task, but assigning someone to track this time and ensure it is met is very important. Delegating this will free you from worrying about the night wrapping up smoothly and on time.
  • What times do you have all your vendors contracted for? Take note of the amount of time you have agreed upon and the number of tasks you are expecting. For example, for hair and makeup: figure out how long you have each of your hairstylists and makeup artists for and how many looks you need completed. Time out each individual makeover in your schedule.
  • What type of dinner will you be doing? Establish how many courses you will include. Ask your caterer how long they will need to prepare, as well as realistically how long each course will take to serve, enjoy, and clear.
  • What types of photos are important to you? The main categories you need to be present for are getting ready, dress, bridal party, romantics, and family shots.

Day of Timeline Part 1 | Marisa Nicole Events

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Logistics to discuss about day-of transitions

  • What is the approximate length of your ceremony? Do not just guess, and make sure you leave room for error. It is better to have a little extra time than have to cut another area of your wedding short.
  • Do items need to be moved from the ceremony site to the reception? Make sure someone is in charge of this and knows exactly when and where to move these items.
  • Do you want to do a grand entrance into the reception? Some couples like to be introduced as the new Mr. and Mrs., while others prefer a quiet entrance. Decide, as a couple, what is best for you.
  • What traditions would you like to include? Often, wedding traditions are integrated as part of the reception. These may include a father-daughter dance, first dance, garter toss, toasts, bouquet toss, and cake cutting. Decide which you want to include, how much time to allot for each, and build them into your day-of schedule.

Day of Timeline Part 1 | Marisa Nicole Events

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The information you gather from these decisions will guide you in creating your day-of timeline. In two weeks, we will be back and ready to get started with organizing! Happy planning!

Gracefully incorporating your favorite holiday into your wedding part 3: New Years

Hi Lovebirds!

This week we are finishing up our mini-blog series focusing on crafting a modern take on seasonally themed weddings with New Years Eve. A wedding celebration that goes strong until midnight can be difficult to execute, but there are many of fun ways to keep your guests partying all night long! We love a fun New Years celebration and have put together some ways that you can implement a NYE wedding without going over the top!

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Cuisine & Cocktails

A NYE wedding reception calls for some classic late night snacks and fun festive drinks! Whether it be a fancy carving station, tacos or fries, make sure guests have enough to snack on well into the new year. And don’t forget the drinks! There are many creative ways to incorporate the sparkling new year into your drink selection to keep guests hydrated (or dehydrated) all night long. Oh, and no NYE wedding would be complete without a toast at midnight!

Photo Credit: Braedon Photography (Left) & Stacy Able Photography (Right)

Photo Credit: Heather Waraksa (Left) & Kim Fox Photography (Right)


Your color pallet of choice can really emphasize that romantic yet fun New Years Eve wedding of your dreams. We suggest using metallics such as gold and sparkles to contrast the darker tones often used for new years or late night weddings! New Years Eve often calls for confetti and balloon drops. Without going all in on these items, we found creative ways to still incorporate them into your NYE wedding.

Photo Credit: Trent Bailey (Left) & Alison Conklin (Right)

Photo Credit: Jillian Michelle Photography (Left) & Kelsea Holder (Right)

Guest Experience

Lastly, we want to ensure that you and your guests have the best time at your wedding.. If you are trying to stick it out till midnight, the guest experience can be the most crucial. We love a long lasting dance party and photo booth! It can also be fun to incorporate traditional NYE festivities with party horns and sparklers! Another great idea would be to gift your guests with mini champagne bottles as your wedding favor.

Photo Credit: Trent Bailey (Left) & Larissa Cleveland Photography (Right)

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NYE can be fun, festive, and classy all at the same time. If you are planning your New Years Eve wedding we hope you take into consideration these fun and festive ideas. No matter what, route you take for your holiday wedding, we hope our ideas have inspired you and that you are on your way to crafting a celebration that is magical!

Gracefully incorporating your favorite holiday into your wedding part 2: winter

Hi Lovebirds!

As promised last time, we are continuing our holiday series today with our winter wedding ideas! From your wedding cuisines to the bar offerings and from the decor elements to your guest takeaway gift, there are tons of ways to create that perfect, cozy, and elegant winter wedding you crave!

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Cuisine and Cocktails

The winter season calls for that warm cup of hot chocolate and your favorite comfort foods. Consider incorporating fun variations of the holiday treats of your choice such as peppermint and chocolate or your favorite homemade soup and sandwich combination!

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Winter weddings often call for cozy and elegant vibes all around and carefully curating your decor will work to create a winer ambiance. We just can’t get enough of winter tones such as wine, deep and ice shades of blue, and varying forests greens. And don’t be afraid to play around with using tinsel, pine, birch, and twinkle lights to further show some love to the holiday season without going all-out Christmas themed!

Photo Credit: Jen Dillender Photography (Left) & Jessie Casey (Right)

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Guest Experience

Lastly, when it comes to guest experience, the options are endless! Consider giving a nod to the holiday season through favors such as hot chocolate or coffee and experiences like sparklers or even a mistletoe kissing booth!

Photo Credit: Andy Davison Photography

Photo Credit: Holli B (Left) & Ashley Dru Photography (Right)

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Whatever winter holiday you celebrate if you are planning on having your wedding during the “most wonderful time of the year”, we hope our ideas will help spur on your own creativity in putting together the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams.