Bridesmaid Appreciation: Gifting Your Gals

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Whether your wedding is crazy big or super intimate and whether your party is chic and formal or easy and laid-back, few things will make your celebration (and the months leading up to the event) more enjoyable than having an awesome gaggle of your favorite people surrounding you throughout it all! These are the gals (with maybe a fella or two thrown in there for good measure) that will be throwing your bachelorette party and bridal shower, wearing what you tell them to and maybe even be flying cross-country to be there on your big day. They do so much for you – and it is important that you return the favor by showing them how much their support has meant to you throughout all the craziness. Not sure how? Welcome to our mini session on how to appropriately gift your bridesmaids. Please find your seat, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the read on how you can make each and every one of your besties feel appreciated!

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Making Room In Your Budget

Through all your ups and downs during the wedding planning process, your bridesmaids have held your hand and encouraged you to stay emotionally stable (agh that stress!). Behind the scenes, these ladies have spent money on plane tickets, hotel rooms and gifts for your wedding. Some brides choose to cover some or all of the bridesmaid costs (dress, shoes, hair & make-up, etc.). However, other brides simply don’t have it in their budget to do so and the gals have to pay for their own costuming. We get that every bride isn’t able to pay for her ladies to look good on the big day. With that being said, when figuring out what to gift your gals, try to take into account how much they did or did not have to spend to be a part of your bridal party and gift accordingly. Did you cover all their fashion, travel and lodging costs? If so, then something more small and symbolic will do the trick. Are they paying for everything for your wedding themselves (on top of all the shower, bachelorette, and other expenses), then we highly suggest you treat them right by getting them something really great to show your appreciation.

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More Than Just the Wedding

Now, let’s talk logistics. You have decided to get your girls something wonderful, but what kind of gift should you give them? Sometimes, brides will gift their lovely ladies with the same bracelet, headband or other accessory for them to wear during the wedding ceremony. In order for this gift to hold meaning, we suggest that at least part of your gift to them is something that isn’t just related to your wedding – but to your friendship. Get specific! We encourage you to consider giving each bridesmaid something different, or even a different version of the same thing. That way you display your love for them individually.

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A Well Timed Gift

Timing is everything! We think that the best time to give your bridesmaids their gifts would be during the rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding. This way, it does not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the wedding and you still get a chance to make sure that moment is about them!

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Coming Up Next Week…

I know you may still be a little lost with ideas, I mean you just spent months planning your wedding, how could you possibly add another thing to that list! So make sure to check in next week for gift ideas, because we are here to help!

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