Backyard Wedding Basics Part 2: Rad Rentals!

Happy Friday, Party People!

Amidst the summer barbecues and picnics, today we are continuing in our backyard wedding series from the last few weeks by giving you an overview of how to set yourself up for success in terms of your rented items! Once again, the principle we have been repeating over and over (regarding locations that are not designed as a functional event space) is true when it comes to cultivating your rental list: if you don’t bring it with you, it will not be there when you need it. With that being said, there are two categories in which all rentals fall under for your backyard soiree (and some items are a part of both categories, such as lighting). The first category is what we refer to as ‘functional rentals,’ which includes all the essential items that you will need to bring your wedding to life (i.e. everything from power to creating a dance space). The second type of rented items are ‘aesthetic rentals,’ which includes items that are brought in specifically to dazzle your guests and tell the visual story of your day.

Functional Rentals


Lighting is needed to illuminate your space and make the venue glisten once the sun sets! Everyone knows that lighting is needed over the guest dining and dance areas, but some spaces are often forgotten.  For example, vital to the seamless flow and safety of your party is lighting by any path your guests or service team will need to travel, in front of the restrooms, and over the satellite kitchen and food preparation areas.

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Any wedding that takes place at a home or historic estate must have a generator. You are going to have to trust me on this one, you simply cannot rely on power from a home as the source for all your lighting, music, catering needs and more. You do not want your power and music to shut down smack in the middle of your wedding! We strongly suggest renting a power generator to keep your celebration going all night long!

Guest Dinning Needs

Guest dining tables, cocktail tables, chairs, linens, glassware, and china… if your guests are going to need to sit on it, eat on it, drink from it or put something down on it, it has to be included on your rental list!

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Miscellaneous Big Ticket Items

Last week we talked about everything you need to set up the perfect at-home bar; you will want to make sure all the tables, linens, tools and buckets mentioned there are on your rental list! To get the party going post-dinner, you will need to rent a dance floor! Also, be sure to check with your caterer to make sure everything they may need for the day is either coming with them, or included in your rental list. This could be anything from portable ovens and grills to trays and chafing dishes. Some caterers supply all of this on their own, but others will need you to rent it for them, so just be sure to communicate! One of the more important things on an at home wedding’s rental list is often a portable restroom. Residential plumbing is not set up to handle the needs of 75+ guests (or if it is, you may not want guests parading through your home to find the potty). Remember to be kind to your guests and spend a bit more on a nice portable restroom rather than a junky one! Keep in mind that these will usually need to be connected to a source for both water and power! The last item on the functional rentals list (but certainly not the least), is a fire extinguisher (be prepared!).


Aesthetic Rentals


Enhanced lighting design can add dimension and sparkle to your space! There are so many different options that can help you accomplish the perfect ‘look’ for your day. Bistro lights, twinkle lights, hanging icicles, lanterns and up-lights, each of these work both together and independently to transform your backyard into an enchanting, magical backdrop for your wedding.


Functional, Yet Fabulous

As noted above, china, linens, tables and chairs are all functional, but they can also be super fun! Upgrading from the least expensive options to vintage or glam pieces can do wonders to bring your precise aesthetic vision to life! Hem-stitch napkins, gold flatware, depression glassware, vintage mismatched china, vineyard chairs, Tuscan tables, the list of fabulous items you can choose to spruce up your party goes on and on!

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Statement Pieces

Maybe you can’t afford to upgrade every functional area to create your look. A great way to add some spice to your party without going too crazy is to choose a few statement pieces or one specific area to spend money in. For example, bringing in a luxe lounge set-up or a few vintage items (such as an antique typewriter, desk, or bicycle) will cause your guests to ‘ooo’ and ‘aah’ over your sense of style and attention to detail!


Lawn Games

From big Jenga to corn hole and croquet to bocci ball, add these items to your rental list to keep your wedding light and playful!

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