Backyard Wedding Basics Finale: Amazing Aesthetics!

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This week marks the final section of our Backyard Wedding Blog Series! And get excited, because today’s post is all about making your celebration look pretty!

Last week we talked about getting all of your major rental logistics worked out. Once all your bare-bones items are secured, it is time to focus on making your backyard an enchanting wedding wonderland! You may remember our discussion on how rentals can serve as both functional and aesthetic purposes (for more on this, and the items you’ll need to get your party going, swing over to last week’s post for some spicy rental inspiration!). One of our favorite functional-aesthetic combo areas to splurge in is utilizing mismatched vintage china on your guest dinning tables– I dare you not to swoon!

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At typical, non-backyard venues, event spaces tend to have somewhat of a blank canvas quality about them. With this, you can maneuver and design aspects of the space to be however you wish. But, in a space that serves as someone’s home, things can be bit more complicated. Unlike professional wedding venues, backyards often have personal and functional things all over the place! While items such as lawnmowers, gardening tools, and family belongings (let’s be honest, maybe even a little junk), might be okay to ‘live’ in someone’s backyard in everyday life, a wedding is not the place for such things. You will want to be sure your yard is as clear and clean as possible for guests (in other words, clean up your crap).

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Once you have decluttered your space, you will want to make sure your lawn and garden areas are nicely landscaped. This can be as simple as mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, planting a few flowers, or cutting back overgrown branches. Oh, and don’t forget that you will want to make sure your water sprinklers are completely turned off at least one day prior to the arrival of any rented items, and stay off until they are taken off the property (because damage fees are not fun!).

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Lastly, add some personal touches back into your backyard by designing and incorporating DIY projects. From signage to hanging lanterns and from building your own chuppah to creating a handmade, funky ceremony backdrop, one of the advantages to hosting a backyard wedding is that you can set these projects in place at any point prior to your day. With this kind of flexibility, you have the ability to make your soiree incredibly well-styled!

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Undertaking a backyard wedding is no joke! But as hard as it can be (and as much money as it can take) to organize and design a ‘build-from scratch’, hand-spun event, backyard fêtes are often the most memorable, magical and gorgeous kinds of affairs. We hope this series has aided you in pulling off the perfect backyard wedding!

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