All For The Love Of Linens: Bringing Your Tables From Drab to Fab!

Happy May Day Friends! Here at Marisa Nicole, we have been accused of having an obsession with fine linens! But, I mean, who can blame us? The perfect linen can make any table-scape go from drab to fab! That being said, we do understand sometimes your packages with certain venues come with “in house linens,” and upgrading to something fancy isn’t always a financial option. The only time I will (more or less) put my foot down and declare it absolutely necessary to swap out the included linen is when it doesn’t touch the ground or the quality is completely awful. Today, we are going to guide you through the process of what you can do with linens to help tell the story of your day!

linens table 1

Keeping It Simple

Let’s begin our discussion in the realm of simple, yet elegant linens. Want to add some va-va-voom to your dining tables without going crazy with color or pattern? Try going with solid, neutral colored linens that have a quality look and feel to them. Here is an example of how upgrading your linens to something with sheen or texture can give your table-scape a luxe feel and serve as the perfect base, allowing gorgeous flowers to really shine!


Introducing Color and/or Pattern

Linens play a major role in bringing the look and feel of your wedding to life. Maybe you have always wanted to highlight a certain color on your day, but are having a hard time finding that hue in nature (i.e. your flowers). We encourage you to find linens that contain aspects of your color and top them off with floral arrangements that bring it all together! For example, it can be difficult to find flowers with blue tones (there are only a few natural ones!). Here we used a French blue gingham pattern as a base for wild flowers to create this bride’s color pallet of grey-blue, mustard, and pops of ruby!


The Change-Up

Want to use fine specialty linens for your guest tables, but think it will end up costing way too much? Many times we will compromise by using non-budget friendly linens on the special tables, such as the sweetheart and cake tables, and using lower priced linens for the rest of the space. Additionally, many of our couples are looking to create a sense of progression throughout their day. One way this can be done is by changing up the linens in each area of the celebration. For example, maybe you choose to use matte, textured linens during cocktail hour, soft frilly linens during the reception and then sparkly fancy linens for the dance space! As long as they all work together, the sky is the limit on what you can do! And sometimes upgrading the linens on your tables may not be the best way to bring your vision to life. This couple wanted us to create a purply/pink oasis that glowed like heaven! We used a combination of pipe and drape and up-lights to ‘linen’ each wall of the ballroom. In this case we chose to keep just the basic white house linens, which soaked up the purple lights in the room nicely. Fancy linens weren’t necessary to create an elegant fete.


Framing Rectangular Wooding Tables

Many of our couples have been ditching linens all together and moving towards long wooden tables and, as crazy as we can be about great linens, we LOVE this look as well! If this is what you have planned for your special day, know that you are not completely off the hook! You will still need something to draw the eye down the length of the table and serve as a base for your floral arrangements. Although you can do this through flat lying greenery, most couples choose to use a fun or funky fabric table runner. This wedding had a natural, delicate feel, so we used a simple lace runner to frame their Tuscan style tables. This combination made for a beautifully grounded and feminine look!


To recap, linens are a simple (and fun) add on that can really spice up your tables. Whether you go in a cleaner, more elegant direction, choose to ditch floor length linens altogether, or something in-between, your guests are sure to be impressed. Hopefully our little rant about linens has inspired you to add some fabric glam to your soiree!

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