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Love in the Hollywood Hills: Alana & Jack Married!


Happy Friday Friends!

I just love it when we get to work with couples that everyone can tell are simply perfect for each other. Alana & Jack are precisely that couple (and it doesn’t hurt that they are ridiculously good looking, so I knew from the get-go that the photos would turn out awesome!).

Goldstein Wallis-8Goldstein_Wallis_Amanda_McKinnon_Photography_Wallis022_low For the backdrop of their little fete, they chose the home of a close friend in the Hollywood Hills. Alana and I had so much fun working out the design details for their day. It was important to the couple that the whole party had a sense of movement to it. We swapped out a traditional banquet style table set-up for small cocktail tables, so the guests would feel more like they were in an intimate French café rather than a stuffy formal gathering.

Goldstein_Wallis_Amanda_McKinnon_Photography_Wallis237_low Goldstein Wallis-2

Goldstein_Wallis_Amanda_McKinnon_Photography_AM0553_lowGoldstein Wallis-3One of the things I loved so much about this couple (and their family) was how much time and energy they all invested into the details of their day. Alana & Jack created their own super cute invitations. These are still some of my favorite printed items of last year! To bring our Parisian feel to life, we brought in flowers, food and signage that would fit the bill. I am still in love with these simple yet fabulous milk glass arrangements with which Alana’s dad adorned the tables.

Goldstein Wallis-5Goldstein_Wallis_Amanda_McKinnon_Photography_AM09042_low

Goldstein Wallis-4Alana’s family and friends handcrafted the boutonnieres, and I just love how they turned out! It was so funny to show up the morning of the wedding where Alana & the gals were getting ready to find a whole table full of ladies creating boutonnieres like nobody’s business.

Goldstein Wallis-7The week before the wedding, Jack, along with his dad, worked like crazy landscaping the property to make everything for the big day look lush and green. Those lovely lace doilies that are layered onto each of our mini tablescapes were individually gathered and hand stained by Alana’s sister. Jack, along with his new dad-in-law, worked together to build the chuppah from the ground up.  All that to say, this wedding was truly a family affair!

Goldstein_Wallis_Amanda_McKinnon_Photography_AM0452_lowGoldstein Wallis-6Between the chalkboard signage, wishing tree guest book, amazing family members (who weren’t afraid to get dirty and help our team turn over the ceremony to a reception in a matter of minutes – and then go crazy and party like it is 1999!), handmade details galore and sweet couple, this wedding was definitely one of the most memorable from last wedding season. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed helping these love birds get hitched!

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