Wedding Welcome Bags: 5 Tips for Making Guests Feel at Home (and Ready to Party!)

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One of the most amazing things about a wedding is that it can bring family and friends together from all over, near and far. It’s traditional wedding etiquette for wedding guests who are coming from out of town or destination wedding attendees to receive some form of a welcome gift. More likely than not, you won’t be able to meet all your guests as they arrive in town for your wedding, so a goodie bag is a perfect way to say, “Hello there, we’re so glad you made it!” A well-done welcome bag is useful, thoughtful, and memorable. From snacks and sweets to the schedule of events, each element inside is meant to make your guests feel at home and totally psyched for the days ahead. And the best part is, no matter where you fall on the spectrum of price and budget, you can curate a fabulously fun and unique little welcome! Here are our 5 tips for putting together the perfect wedding welcome bags!

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1. Local Loves

What better way to make your guests feel welcomed than by giving them a taste of where they will be spending the upcoming days? Welcome out-of-town friends and family with some local favorites. Think California wine, Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh Florida oranges, Wisconsin cheese, or a Paris baguette! This will just get guests feeling comfortable and excited to explore the new scene!

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2. Guest FYI’s

A definite item to include is the where-and-when’s guests should know about! Make a little timeline of the wedding events, and include all information needed for each. Clear directions, contact info, and dress code will always be appreciated! And if you know out-of-towners will be arriving a bit before festivities commence, include information on places to go, things to see, shopping areas, and good eats!

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3. The Survival Kit

Wedding weekends away are nonstop fun, but too much fun can get plenty exhausting! When guests have the hankering for a late night snack, they will be beyond ecstatic to grab munchies from their welcome bag! Be sure to include something sweet, something salty, water bottles, maybe some fruit, and something to take the edge off. You want to give your guests an option other than the hotel minibar when that midnight craving hits!

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4. Make It Your Own

Because a welcome bag will most likely be greeting guests upon arrival, it serves as that first exposure to the vibe of your series of wedding events. That being said, it should have your look! Make it to reflect the colors, styles, and details you’ve been implementing into your wedding day over the past months.

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5. Special Delivery!

Now that you’ve put together an amazing welcome bag, figure out the delivery logistics. If you’re jet-setting to a destination wedding, shipping is going to be the easiest option. If you will be self-transporting the bags, great! Either way, just be sure they are secure and cushioned. When you arrive at the location, distribute bags to the guests’ accommodations. Welcome bags can either be given to guests upon check-in, or be waiting in their rooms. Most hotels will charge a fee for both services, so be sure to find out what that might look like. We think having a surprise welcome inside guest rooms is the most fun option!

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Deciding what exactly to put in your welcome bags in a world of choices might seem overwhelming, but it’s truly just a matter of setting up your guests with the essentials! Focus on the basics (food, drink, information, and a little fun), and your guests will be sent swooning with sweet surprise!

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