Wedding Personal Touches Part 2: Fun Inspiration from our Real Couples

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Last week I pressed upon you the importance of getting personal when it comes to the design and styling elements of your wedding. However, I can understand that it can be difficult to wrap your mind around what this even looks like in real life. Have no fear. As promised, we’re back today with Part 2 of our Personal Touches Style Guide! In part 1, we shared with you some serious insider information on steps to weaving fabulously styled personal details into your celebration. Now that we’ve laid out the principles of the process, we thought it might be helpful to share a few examples from our past weddings. We worked with these couples to not only design a day that brought their “look” to life, but also served to reflect who they are – therefore crafting a gorgeously styled, deeply personal affair. Enough words, let’s dive in!

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I guess it is only fair to put myself in the hot seat first. One of the best compliments Tim and I got from our wedding was just how intimate and “ours” the whole party felt. Our guest got a true glimpse of who we are, both as individuals and as a couple. It was seriously the best. Many of you know that my hubs is a professional photographer & cinematographer. With his background in cinema and my own in theatre, our design inspiration took the form of the “glory days of Hollywood with touches of old theatre glam!” To bring this feel to life, we added small details throughout our aesthetic (such as vintage cameras and themed signage).

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Eunnie and Brian decided to make the hairiest, and maybe cutest (shh! Don’t tell!), member of the family part of their big day! This detail was not only personal for the bride and groom, but also fun for the guests, who all loved having Busby as part of the celebration (#bestringbearerever)!

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Right from the start I knew Bre and Eric had great style, and I’m so glad they decided to showcase that as part of personalizing their day. Eric and all of his fellas, wore clean, black converse with fun socks (patterns and colors galore!) Opting for this non-traditional fashion statement was a way for Eric to be himself and add his own flair to the day.

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Sara and Eric had a fun, light-hearted feel to their wedding. To keep their guests in that juvenile state of mind, they had a candy bar that would cure any kind of sweet tooth! This was a way for them to do a bit of a throwback to their childhood, while also staying true to the mood they had set out to create. I mean come on, it’s not everyday you can enjoy a handful of Willy Wonka Runts or giant, colorful gumballs!

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Anastasia and Eric showed off their personalities by reminding their guests that they are now officially “Homies Forever.” This fun and sassy phrase was incorporated into both a DIY marquee and in their wedding favors. Not only did they spice things up with their humor, but they took it to a literal level and gave out hot sauce as their wedding favor! And, to top it off, they went the extra mile to put labels on them- phrase, face, and all!

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Talia and Bennett didn’t hold back when it came to personality and intentional details! The more personal touches they could add to their day the better (and we loved it!). After getting engaged in Italy, they brought back delicious olive oil, and lucky for their guests they were willing to share! They divvyed up the oil into miniature bottles, slapped on personalized labels, and finally tethered a cute tag to make personalized, affordable favors for their guests (i.e. the best kind). At the bar you could find Bennett’s specialty “I Do” beer (brewed by Bennett himself specifically for the wedding). This couple just loves to cook and eat, so they were intentional to serve food they like throughout the night (PS – if a caterer has chicken & waffles in their repertoire, be sure to choose it, which is exactly what these love birds did – and their guests went nuts!).

resize for blog-13Victoria and Tom had their wedding at Victoria’s childhood home in Riverside, which is located in a section that is just filled with orange groves. To honor the history of the area, we introduced the nods to citrus groves wherever we could! From orange crates, to vintage orange grove postcards, and actual fruit, we wanted the locale to be represented. Taking a personal fact or characteristic and working it into the style of your wedding is a great way to keep things reflective of you right from the start.

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Maria and Jon showed off their dancing skills, and their style, by choreographing their own dance! They took on an ambitious task, and totally rocked it! A dance was a way to show off their flair, but remember – what works for one couple may not work for another. Stay true to yourself!

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Music already works to tell a story, which is why it can be such a perfect way to tell yours. Again, here we encourage you to be intentional about the music you choose. We have had couples such as Amy & Matt, choose to have their DJ spin only real vinyl records throughout the party. One of our most recent couples, Flora and Moises, both come from large, Latin American families. In effort to honor their heritage and ensure that all the guests had a great time on the dance floor, they decided to incorporate musica latina throughout the evening (salsa, merengue, bachata, and the list goes on and on – guests were dancing and singing the night away in Spanish).



Hopefully our real couples have given you both inspiration and hope that you are more than capable of making your day not only well-styled, but also super personal. Remember to be yourself, choose what you like, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Make each and every choice you make for your wedding day count. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun as you do it, because that is really what this is all about!

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