Wedding Gifting Etiquette 201: Bridal Party & Family

Hi lovebirds!

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As we promised, this week is the second part of the gifting series! Today we will be discussing how to show love to your nearest and dearest including but not limited to; bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, flower girls and ring bearers and finally, your other half. Whoever you are gifting, first keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • First, we suggest that you always write handwritten thank you notes to everyone from the oldest members of the bridal party to the youngest.
  • Share your gift in a timely manner:
    • All bridal party members should receive some kind of thank you note and token for participating in your wedding the weekend of the wedding
    • Bridal party members should receive an additional thank you note with a gift for hosting any of the following gatherings in your honor: engagement party, shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, etc.
  •  Third, gift with creativity!

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Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

When tackling your thank you notes, remember to be authentic and grateful. We suggest you gift something functional and cute for your whole bridal party… something they can use in the future, not just on your wedding day. We adore the idea of personalized hangers because, let’s face it, pretty clothes are a gals best friend and who doesn’t want something fancy to hang your best outfit on?!?

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For the fellas, we suggest something personalized that they would never purchase for themselves. Engraved flasks, fancy pocket watches, and monogrammed cufflinks are all fab ideas to class up your groomsmen while gifting them something special yet functional that they will keep forever.

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We think sentimentality is the key to thanking your parents properly on your wedding day. As with the guys, the key here is items that are personalized. Nothing flashy is needed, just something they can treasure… Don’t forget, this is a big day in their lives as well! A simple, elegant framed picture with a handwritten note on the back or something like a customized locket or a tie are genius ideas for parent gifts that they can keep forever and will bring tears to their eyes. Your goal here is to make them cry!

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Flowergirls and Ringbearers

You can’t forget about the tiniest members of your bridal party! Go practical and look into what toys or games they would enjoy. We suggest asking their parents how they currently like to spend their time and what they are currently into to get an idea for a fun gift. Again, tailor your gift to the personal likes of the specific kids in your wedding for the win!

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Your Better Half

Want to pull at the heartstrings before walking down the aisle? Earn some extra credit by surprising your fiance with a little something moments before you tie the knot. No one knows them better than you do! Gift something personal that will make their heart grow three times its size, like an original copy of her favorite book. Or spice things up by giving him a boudoir photo album! Sexy or sweet, this is just a taste of the greatest gift you both will receive that day – each other.

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Finally, if your officiant is a friend or family member, we suggest gifting them like you would for anyone in your bridal party (see above). May all your gifting escapades be bundled with joy and stay tuned for part three next Wednesday.

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