Wedding Day Attire Part 2: Choosing the Veil that’s Right For You

Hi Beautiful Brides!

Last week we have discussed the various dress styles you can choose from depending on your body type, and this week we are all about that veil. This piece is optional for your walk down the aisle but can be a great time to show your style. There are plenty of options for this beautiful accessory, but should you choose to forgo it, check out these stylish hairpieces.

Photo Credit: Amanda McKinnon Photography

Here are our suggestions for what type of veil goes best with your dress:

Birdcage Veil

Rock this look with any vintage or retro styled dress, it is very complementary with the look and won’t overwhelm it!

Photo Credit: Patrick Yandoc

Shoulder Length

This fun option is great if you are a petite gal wearing a fitted dress! It won’t get in the way while you are busting a move and is simply a shortened version of the traditional elbow-length veil.

Photo Credit: Classic Veils

Elbow Length

This look is perfect for any hour-glass shaped woman as it will help direct attention towards the cinched waist!

Photo Credit: Ivory and Co.

Waltz Veil

This look is very classy, pair it with a sheath dress and let it play on the length of your body if you are long and lean!

Photo Credit: Salt and Sky Studios

Chapel Veil

This classic veil look is something a bit shorter than the Cathedral Veil. It is still elegant and beautiful, but not too overwhelming. You can match this with almost any body type and dress style!

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Cathedral Veil

The utmost traditional look is the Cathedral veil. It is definitely perfect for anyone looking for a dramatic entrance. It can go with almost any look as well, although if you are petite we advise you to go for something shorter so that it doesn’t overwhelm your body size.

Photo Credit: Iris and Light

Now  that we have shared our wedding attire inspiration with you, comment below which look you plan on rocking! And always remember that as long as you are wearing something that you love and that makes you feel confident, you will always be the most stunning woman in the room.

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