Tuesday Tip: Mounting Tape To The Rescue!

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Mountain tapeToday I want to share with you about my love affair with mounting tape. Yes, you read correctly, mounting tape. I feel like in the field of events, duct tape gets a ton of PR. Don’t get me wrong, duct tape is super handy and I use it quite a bit, but when it comes to styling a wedding, sometimes I need a product with a bit more substance and looks a touch more classy: hence my love of mounting tape.

At a recent wedding, mounting tape really came through for us!  The bride had made super cute signs for us to display at each little detailed area. We had no easels and the signs weren’t in frames, so the plan was simply to lean each signs against the various items on whatever table it was describing. However, in the heat wedding set-up, an up-close look at the bottom of the signs made me realize that leaning these signs was not an option! What to do? Where to go? I ran towards my handy wedding bucket and as my fingers ran across the roll of mounting tape, I knew we were saved!542408_10151834995990078_1446631093_n

Mountain tape 2


We mounted the heck out of those signs and didn’t have to worry about them staying put! We even displayed individual photos of the happy couple on the sign in table without having to worry about their blowing away in the Santa Barbara wind.

Thank you mounting tape for doing your job with grace and ease! I don’t doubt that I shall utilize your services again very soon, perhaps even this weekend!

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