Tuesday Tip: Making a Splash While Breaking Glass!

Cynthia_&_Kurt_Wedding_0412Don’t you just love a good Jewish wedding!?!  They are seriously my fav!  The sight of a couple in love vowing to cherish each other under a chuppah is one of those things that brings me to tears every time. And what makes this all the more beautiful is when the happy pair choose to have their ceremony at an outdoor venue. How gorgeous! Ultimately the ceremony comes to a head as the couple is pronounced man and wife and the groom is given a glass to shatter with his foot. This is when things can go terribly wrong: sometimes there’s a swing and a miss… other times the glass is completely broken, but no one can hear it because of the grass (if a glass shatters at a wedding, but no guest can hear it, are they really married?).

Cynthia_&_Kurt_Wedding_0074Today’s tip will help you fellas avoid the embarrassment of double stomping or breakage without proper celebration. If you want your glass to shatter on cue and make that crunching noise we all know and love, simply add in a small square tile to the bottom of the bag you slip your glass into. When the time comes, put the pouch with the glass and tile in it on the ground (with the tile in-between the glass and earth) and stomp like there is no tomorrow!  You’ll be sure to crush the glass the first time and that it will make a sound that will make the crowds go wild!  For an even louder pop, defy tradition by getting rid of the glass altogether and stick a light bulb in the bag (no one will know the difference, just don’t tell the Rabbi:)

More photos from Kurt & Cynthia’s fabulous wedding are coming soon, I promise!



  1. Suzann Albanese says

    I am from NY and I love Jewish weddings. Love the tips.


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