Tools For Your Wedding Design Inspiration

Hello Lovely People,

As fun as styling a wedding sounds, there can be so many details to work through! Today, we are going to help you figure out where to start. First things first, you need to see what excites you and tailor it to a cohesive look before you make any design decisions. Below are the tools we suggest using to inspire your aesthetic. Once you have assembled the images and ideas that make your heart flutter, we suggest you work through all this inspo with your wedding planner/designer to help narrow things down and make it all work together (i.e. – just because you LOVE a design direction in general, doesn’t mean that it works for your wedding day).

Here is our list of go – to’s for channeling your inner wedding designer:

Photo Credit: Marisa Nicole Events Pinterest


Pinterest one of the best tools for creating a design layout. There are tons of wedding images to sort through and to help you create a comprehensive board for your day. For more tips on how to utilize Pinterest to create your design plan, check out this post!

Photo Credit: The Knot

Wedding Blogs

Wedding blogs like The Knot, Green Wedding Shoes, Wedding Chicks, and more, are amazing sources for inspiration. They typically provide images from other real weddings around the country and the world and if that couple could do it, so can you!

Photo Credit: Instagram


Instagram is a great way to get inspiration, but keep in mind that some of these images might be from styled shoots depending on if you are looking at the account of a Wedding photographer or of a Wedding blog like the Knot.

Photo Credit: Marisa Nicole Events

Magazine Clippings

There is something so nostalgic about flipping through magazines and to make a mood board by hand in our technology-filled world! You can’t go wrong with a cope of California Wedding Day to get some amazing inspo. for what you want.

Photo Credit: Kaoverii Silva

Personal Design Aesthetic

Being aware of the style that you and your spouse already rock is the best source you can have. You know what you like and what you don’t like, so just take a look around your home, your work desk, your bedroom and remind yourself of what kind of aesthetic you (clearly) love.

Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography

Now that we have gone through the tools for design inspiration, stay tuned for next week’s blog which is going to be all about the ingredients for design.

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