Tis the Season for New Interns: Meet Tori!

Hey Everyone!!

I’m the new intern at Marisa Nicole, Wedding and Events. Yay!!  I love working with Marisa and her team. My official first day was in January but I got sneak peak into my future when I  helped out with Rachelle and Jay’s Wedding in December. This experience has already been a dream come true!  Since I’ve been on the team for almost a month now, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself.

  • Fave Wedding Blog: I just love Style Me Pretty. Everything they post is just so stunning and organic.
  • Fave Wedding Cake Combo: I have to admit that if you put wedding cake in front of me I will eat it! However, if I have to choose carrot cake is my favorite. I just can’t say no to cream cheese frosting!
  • Fave Event Styling Genre:  I love vintage weddings with a ton of personal touches!!! It’s your special day remind people of that.
  • Ideal Event Planning Super Hero Skill: Being a mind reader! I could accomplish everyone’s needs before they even have to ask!
  • Veil, Flower, or Headpiece: I am all about the veil. I just love that simple, elegant look.
  • Fave Wedding Tradition: Cutting the cake. You never know if the couple is going to be naughty or nice (I prefer when they are naughty!). A little cake in the face always seems to liven up a wedding!
  • The moment in every wedding that never fails to bring you tears: I am a crier so pretty much every moment of a wedding makes me cry! But without fail when the groom sees the bride for the very first time as she is walking down the aisle always warms my heart.


Here isa shot of all of us at Rachelle and Jay’s Wedding. Thanks Amanda McKinnon for the fabulous  photo!  I had so much fun being able to be part of the team on this special day. I look forward to working with the Marisa Nicole team throughout the rest of the wedding season. Love these girls!!!

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