Tasty Turkey Day Appetizers: Easy Eats that will Impress Your Guests

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve Friends!


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and we’re taking a tiny break from our wedding planning priorities to give you all some last minute turkey-day hors d’oeuvres inspiration! We know, you’re thinking “Really? do I need to serve hors d’oeuvres before the biggest meal of the entire year?” Take our word for it…you do! Serving up some of these quick and tasty apps will satisfy your friends and family while their mouths are watering over all the wonderful thanksgiving scents wafting throughout the house. If nothing else, it’ll keep their little fingers away from swiping the perfect whip cream dollop off of your pumpkin pie, or nibbling on your dinner rolls before they’re served. Instead, your guests will be begging for your pre-game recipes. Little will they know just how easy to make these tasty bites are!

The Perfect Cheese Platter


We understand, up until now your idea of the perfect cheese platter was something a little closer to wheat thins and a wheel of brie than this gorgeous spread. Fear not, cheese platters although impressive in appearance, are actually quite easy to accomplish. It’s all about choosing the right items. Once you have them, there is virtually no work involved. Just spread out the goodies and let your guest have at it! We personally are obsessed with Honestly Yum’s fall-themed rendition of this party staple. They outline all the necessities and even help with planning where to place different items.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

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For starters, this appetizer is super easy to make. Plus it’s light and tasty. You can check out the complete recipe on Damn Delicious but just a hint, cook time is only 5 minutes. We know your guests will love this tasty twist on a simple veggie, because seriously who doesn’t love a little prosciutto?

Roasted Squash Seeds 


These seeds from Martha Stewart only require 6 minutes of prep time! She says that in order to get the ultimate fall flavors out of these little snacking seeds you should keep some of the pulp while baking. We’re all about skipping the time you’d usually spend sorting and rinsing the seeds.

Cauliflower “Caviar” with Frizzled Proscuitto

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I know you’re thinking “proscuitto again?” Sorry, we just couldn’t resist this scrumptious finger food found on My Recipes. If you’re worried about filling your guests up too much before the big meal, offer them these oh-so-light stuffed endives.

Stuffed Mushrooms


Our mouths are watering just looking at these bite-sized mushroom hors d’oeuvres. Little mushrooms make the perfect base for the gooey pecorino romano cheese stuffing and crispy bread crumb topping. Get celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe for these tasty appetizers here.

Candied Pecans

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Nothing screams the holiday season quite like cinnamon-sugar! Spiced nuts are a sweet eat that will hold your guests over while they patiently await the main meal. These candied pecans from Two Peas & Their Pod are super easy to make. They do however take a little longer to cook so we recommend whipping a batch of them up the day before thanksgiving (that’s right we mean tonight!) An added bonus: your house will still be smelling warm and sweet by the time your dinner guests arrive tomorrow.

Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are a quick an easy appetizer perfect for entertaining. They’re especially great when you have an even larger meal in the works that requires more of your attention. This deviled egg recipe from Honestly Yum is particularly quick because it relies on medium-boiled eggs rather than hard-boiled. With a simple shallot-infused mayo sauce, this new-aged deviled egg is sure to impress your guests.

Spinach & Cheese Puffs or Dip

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Spinach and Cheese dip is an all-time party favorite that you really can’t go wrong with. Naturally we turned to the master herself Martha Stewart for what we imagine is the best spinach and cheese dip you could possibly make. Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice offers an alternative to this family favorite in the form of spinach cheese puffs. These bite-sized pastries are the perfect pairing of the dip we all love so much and the bread that goes with it…Yum!

Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato Crostini


Since we’re talking apps, there is no way we can leave out crostinis. These sweet and savory appetizers from Saveur are the absolute perfect thanksgiving take on the popular toast hors d’oeuvres. The combination of creamy sweet potatoes and crunchy bread makes a holiday flavor pairing perfect for a pre-thanksgiving snack.

Pumpkin Pie Bites


Okay- we admit it, this one isn’t really an appetizer! We just couldn’t resist slipping a little something sweet into the mix. It’s arguable that pumpkin pie is as much a staple of Thanksgiving day as the turkey is. At least our inner sweet-tooth thinks so. These mini pumpkin pie bites from Divas Can Cook just looked too yummy and adorable for us to pass up. With cinnamon whipped cream topping them off, we think these bite-sized desserts would make the perfect end to your holiday meal.

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We wish you, your family, and friends the happiest Thanksgiving Holiday. May these quick and easy appetizers (and sweet) ideas help you while planning your thanksgiving feast. As always, we at Marisa Nicole Events are thankful for all our wonderful couples, readers, friends, and family. We hope you have fun cooking, eating, celebrating and making memories!

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