Take a Seat: Wedding Reception Place Card Ideas

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Spring has come and summer is just around the corner, which means it is officially outdoor wedding season here in SoCal! We at Marisa Nicole Events specialize in designing weddings in natural settings and let me tell you, hosting a reception outside is a whole different ballgame than in the confines of an indoor space. We have to allot for direct sun, high winds and varying temperatures. Many of our couples choose to assign their guests to specific seats, rather than just tables. Therefore, for weddings that take place in the great outdoors, it is important that you have place cards that are directly mounted on or tethered to something heavy so that your name assignments will not fly away! There are many ways to incorporate communicating assigned seats into your look. Here are some of our favorite ways to make name tags look cute and won’t get lost in the wind!

Photo Credits: Amanda McKinnon Photography


Like the rest of the world, we are obsessed with agate rocks! They are so great because they are colorful, yet simple. Write on them with a gold pen in cursive and it makes for a perfect place card! If placed atop napkins, these beauties are sturdy enough to hold those down as well!

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Plants can add to making the tablescape even more gorgeous and green. In addition, your guests will love taking home the plant to have as a keepsake of your wedding!

Photo Credits: Lukas & Suzy VanDyke Photography


If you are having a playful wedding, we love the idea of writing your guests name on produce, especially on colorful fruit! Lemons add a pop of color and refreshing element to a tablescape.

Photo Credits: Patricia Lyons

Candy Boxes

Who doesn’t love candy? Have the place card tied to a box of candy as a treat for your guests to have after dinner! Just make sure that anything edible will not melt once they are put out.

Photo Credits: Jessica Hickerson

Champagne & Wine Glasses

Attaching name tags to your glass of choice makes it easier for your guests to see their names since it is higher and more visible. Who wouldn’t want to see a drink with their name on it?!

Photo Credits: Molly Connor Photography (Left) Kelly Williams Photography (Right)

Tied to Napkin

If you do not want to add any more elements to your table, then tying place cards to the napkins is a great option! There are so many different ways to fold and your napkin! Make sure you get ribbon that matches your color scheme.

There are so many ways to make sure that place cards stay attached! Make sure that you are not adding too much clutter to your table with what you decide to use. In addition, it is very important that the name tag is secure and tethered, otherwise your guests will not know where their seat is and that can lead to a lot of different problems during set-up (trust us on this one!)!

Photo Credits: Loft Photography (Right) Jillian Rose (Left)

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