Sassy, Stunning Signage: Making Use of the Ultimate Communication Tool

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Oh how we love a good sign! Great signage is easy to love because it does so many things to support your wedding day by working to bring your vision to life, enhance your theme, and communicate key pieces of information to your guests. Today we are going to share a guide of sorts to creating fab, fresh wedding signage because we know that figuring out how, when and where to place them can be overwhelming. There are endless opportunities for signage, and it is important to find its place in your aesthetic. With that said, here’s the low-down on all that is signage…resized for blog

Step 1 – Choose Your Medium

  • Chalk – Clean, Rustic, and just plain delightful!
  • Window – A modern twist on the classic chalkboard sign. Be sure to place this puppy in front of something with color so that the words are visible.
  • Mirror – A great way to bring a touch of glam to your day. Careful when taking pictures though…
  • Printed – The perfect way to reiterate your wedding branding and the look of your day at every opportunity!
  • Organic Items (Paint, Ink, Vinyl, etc.) – If you can dream it up, and it fits the look of your day, do it!

resized for blog-2Step 2 – Determine Where To Place It

  • Welcome: Let your guests know that they’re in the right place. Typically this sign has the couple’s names, wedding date, and any other info they’d like to include.
  • Menu: Your guests want to know what it is that they are eating: an individual menu at each place setting is good if you’re serving a plated meal and a larger displayed menu usually works well if you’re having a buffet! Going family style? Either will do the trick!
  • Explanatory: If you have your guests doing something that isn’t completely self-explanatory, such as a fun activity that you want your guests to participate in, then you need to tell them specifically what you want them to do.
  • Seating: If you want your guests to sit in a specific spot or at a specific table, you do need to find a way to clearly communicate that to your guests.
  • Schedule: Want your guests to be informed of the timeline? A sign will do the trick!
  • Directional: If your venue is a little tricky, or you think your guests will get lost, point the arrow in the right direction!
  • Social Media: Have a hashtag? Let your guests know what it is so you don’t miss out on any of those great candid photos of you or your guests.
  • Love Quotes: No shame in getting cheesy on your big day! Express your love as a couple, just don’t go too overboard with how many you have.
  • Above & Beyond: Honestly, there are endless places for signage and it is all up to you and your creativity when it comes to designing your day.resized for blog-3

Step 3 – Use Text & Design That Shows Your Style!

There are so many purposeful uses for signs, as they certainly communicate, but they also do something really great… they show your personality! So whatever your personality is, make sure that your signage is helping do the job of expressing it. What we mean by this is that both the copy and look of your sign serves a purpose, so know what you want that purpose to be. Whatever you put together should serve the aesthetic, whether it is formal, cheeky, vintage, etc. But remember, the more signs you have the more fun and casual your ceremony or reception will feel, so use sparingly if that isn’t the feel you are going for. Just so we can be crystal clear, here are some examples of how signage can do the job:

resized for blog-4Humor: If you have a sense of humor, show it! Let your signs be fumy, sarcastic, or whatever you want, just like you.
resized for blog-6Theme: People don’t always process what they are seeing until they see a word that helps them get there, so help your guests out! If you are going for Parisian, give them a hint (a Bon Jour or Merci!).

resized for blog-5


Personality: Are you cheeky? Be cheeky! You want your guests to see you, as a couple, who you are, what you’re like, all over your wedding, so don’t be afraid to let your personalities show.

resized for blog-7A Few Rules of Thumb

  1. Signage is great, but still please use no more than one to two signs per décor area.
  2. A sign is no good if we have no way to display it!
    • If it is framed it needs a stand, a chalkboard needs to either be viewable at eye-level or it needs an easel. Remember to pick something that is pleasing to the eye, and that also goes with your theme. It may seem like a small detail, but what you put together needs to serve your aesthetic, so choose wisely!
  3. Be as consistent with your chosen medium(s)
    • This means you need to stick to two forms of signage (chalk, printed, mirror, etc.). One works well, and two can be just as good as one, but three is simply too many.

We hope that this little guide has given you some ideas on how to incorporate signage into your wedding, and all the fun, exciting ways to use them to show off who you are as a couple.

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