Must-Have Tips for Bringing Your Wedding Decor Plans To Life

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Wedding season is in full swing, summer is just a few days away, and lovely wedding details are flying around social media like crazy. If you are familiar with our work, you know that we specialize in designing fabulously styled, deeply personal celebrations. It has been said that the devil is in the details, and we couldn’t agree more. We understand that there are a thousand plans in your head for your big day, and it is important that all the time and energy you’ve been pouring into crafting the specifics of your decor actually translate to the page of your wedding. From your DIY seating assignment favors at each place setting to the big hanging frames from the walnut tree showcasing photos of your ancestors, there is a ton to do on your wedding day (aside from making yourself gorgeous and having a great time), and the person setting up all your goodies just can’t be you! We encourage you to have a stylist or planner to make this whole process easy-peasy (hire us!), but for some of you that is just not a possibility. To ensure that all your hard work doesn’t go to waste, today’s blog will serve as a bit of a guide to help set up your coordinator, friends and/or family for success. The goal is to have things run smoothly without having to involve you in the process on the day-of. So without further ado, here are some tips which will help make sure that all those ideas in your head actually happen when someone else is setting them up for you!

resize for blog-31. Organize Your Detailed Items!

The key is to organize your props, signage and other cutie decor items in a way that they can be easily found and understood. You may think things are configured in a way that makes sense, but just to be safe, dummy proof it! We say this because you want it to be as clear as possible so that nothing will get overlooked or lost during the craziness of set-up. We think everyone should have a wedding planner, simply because it makes this whole process easier (it’s our job to think of this stuff for you!), but if a planner is not in the cards for your day then everything needs to be crystal clear. This organization step includes…

  • Pack & Organize in Big Containers

Placing your items in boxes simplifies things a ton. Say you crafted a number of great DIY projects for your welcome table such as a nontraditional guest book, advice for the couple, and some great signage. Be sure to put all the items needed for this table in the same container since they are all going to the same place! It may sound obvious, but not doing it could present a challenge for the person assembling these details.

  • Post-It Note-It!

Just because you know what is in a box doesn’t mean anyone else does! Place a post-it note on the outside of the box saying what is inside. By doing this you are not only making it super clear to the person setting up what they should expect to find inside, but also making a checklist of sorts for yourself and the person packing everything all up again at the end of the party. About a year ago we blogged a post in honor of a handy-dandy organizational tool we use for every event: the packing list. With the packing list in one hand and a post-it note in the other, you could rule the world!

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2. Make Sure It Is Ready to Go!

This means that your items shouldn’t need any extra tending to on your wedding day. Did you go crazy at Home Goods buying cake stands and throw blankets? I’m so glad! However purchased items always come with some sort of price tag or pesky little sticker (which leaves a gross residue). Make sure you cut all the tags and scrape off all stickers before packing the items away for your day. Don’t forget to reach for the goo-gon if you have to! All in all, just make sure your items are clean and 100% ready to go.dancing-2 copy

3. Create a Visual!

No one knows exactly what is in your head but you! If you have a specific idea in mind of where and how you want things, then be sure to draw out a map, diagrams, and/or examples so that your helpers know exactly how to execute what you want. If you just want everything to look good, but aren’t particular about exactly where items are placed or how they are displayed, then be sure to tell the person setting everything up that you trust his or her eye and to do whatever he or she thinks is right (which is what we prefer). However if you haven’t had a designer working with you from the beginning or if the person setting things up doesn’t have a full idea of your aesthetic vision, do not skip this step. The clearer and more specific you are, the better!

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4. Let Go!

Trust yourself! Trust that you have thought through your details, organized them, prepped them, communicated the vision for them, and now it’s time for you to trust the people who are setting them up on your behalf. You’ve done all you can do. Try to emotionally detach yourself from all things logistics and just let go! It is your day, so enjoy it!

Photo Cred: Welcome Table (Left) by Brooke Davis of Blush By B, Welcome Table with Guestbook (Right) by Ashleigh Jayne Photography, Sweets Table by Courtney Bowlden Photography, and Carousel Dance Floor Shot & Getting Ready Shot by Ronca Productions.

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