Mismatched Beauties – Keeping Your Squad Cohesive In Styles All Their Own!

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If we haven’t mentioned this before, we ADORE beautifully curated mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Although some say that this route doesn’t work for a traditional, formal celebration, we believe that a well-crafted group of gorgeous gals in varying dresses can flawlessly work with any wedding style!  With that being said, fabulous bridesmaid style with variety in color, the design doesn’t just happen on its own… it takes work! Just as ever science experience needs a “control”, each slew of the varying dress needs some commonality to make them all work together in a glorious way. We get it, the whole thing can be a little tricky, but no need to fret, today we are sharing five tips on how to get your gals to perfect the mismatched dress look for your wedding!

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Common Color and Tone

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You want to make sure that you pick dresses that are a gradation of the same color or colors. By choosing to pick the same hue but allowing for different styles and designs, you are allowing your bridesmaids to choose a dress that is flattering to their body, and who doesn’t appreciate that!

Consistent Length

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You want to make sure that your girls pick dresses that are consistent in length. Your bridal party photos may look out of place if all your gals opt to do long dresses except for one. Whether you decide on to the floor, mid-knee or mid-thigh, you will want to stick to one approximate dress length or have a balanced variety. You’ll thank yourself later!

Guide your Gals

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Many brides love the idea of giving their gals the freedom to shop for their dresses, but this is not always the best option when you’re going for mismatched dresses. If you tell your gals to choose a color, they might come back with various versions of the same color, which may not blend well together. Shopping together for dresses, or selecting dresses for your gals to choose from is a safer option to accomplish the mismatched dress look. If you do choose to send your gals into the wild to find their dresses, we suggest asking them to send photos and obtain approval from you, the bride, before laying down any cash!


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Once all the dresses have been picked out, accessorizing is a great way to tie a slew of mismatched dresses together in one cohesive look. Gift your gal-pals with the same hair-piece or necklace as an easy way to make sure your gal gang looks put together despite the variation of dresses.


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Your bridesmaids’ bouquets are a great way to emphasize your dress choice. Have your girls holding similar bouquets to bring the look together. This works particularly well if your gals are in completely different hues! Make sure to talk to your florist and opt for florals that complement the dress tones.

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Who knew mixing and matching dresses could look this chic? You want all your girls to look fabulous for your photos, so keep in mind where your ladies are positioned during photos and the ceremony. Make sure to consider these tips before deciding on the final dresses for your ladies. Happy dress shopping!

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