Mighty Metallic Muse: Incorporating Shimmering Hues Into Your Wedding Decor

Happy September Friends!

With fall almost here, the latter third of wedding season is upon us. As we swoon-fully reminisce over weddings earlier this year and nail down final logistics for our upcoming celebrations, we are also working to craft designs for our 2016 soirees. No matter what style our clients are drawn to, we are constantly encouraging them to add at least a bit of shine into their look. The utilization of metallic items (in even the smallest quantities) can bring your wedding decor from drab to fab. On that note, today we are walking you through some options for incorporating shimmer into your designs, in the hopes that some tangible advice will help inspire you to add bursts of brightness to your big day. Whether you choose to stick to the seasonal option that best fits your wedding, or mix and match metallic hues (do it – you won’t be sorry!) there are plenty of places in your aesthetic that can be livened up. A burst of color, some shimmer, a romantic glow, or a touch of glam- incorporating metallic items will so do the job!

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Fall – Copper

‘Tis the season of changing leaves, and even for us Californians, with our palm trees and lasting summer, we can’t help but embrace all the goodness of color and sentiment that fall has to offer. Who can resist the deep reds, mustard yellow, and dark oranges? The perfect highlight to all those colors: copper. Subtle enough to overwhelm your visual, but dreamy enough to give your wedding that perfect rustic, glow-ful feel.reized for blog-6

Winter – Silver

What says winter wonderland more than silver? The season of snowflakes, ice, and the new year, silver is both soft and enchanting. It is cheerful and romantic, meaning ultimately you can’t go wrong. Brrr!

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Spring – Rose Gold

Flowers are starting to blossom, the pinks, purples, and every delightful bloom you can think of is flourishing, and with all these beautiful flowers comes the perfect blush detail: rose gold. It is swoon-worthy to say the least, and can be the ultimate accent for a spring wedding.

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Summer – Yellow Gold

Wedding season is in full swing, it’s warm, the sunsets are ablaze, and the days are long. This metallic is adored by some and steered away from by others, but it shouldn’t be. Yellow gold is dazzling, glamorous, and still brings a softness and romance that can brighten up your entire aesthetic.

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Mix it Up!

As you can see, we don’t have enough good things to say about using shimmer and shine to liven up your decor. Using metallic items is the perfect way to spice up your day and bring any theme to life. And, although they can be used based on the season of your wedding, they can also be mixed and assorted. Don’t be afraid to combine metallics in one spot or incorporate a couple in different parts and places of your vision. They are versatile and they make a statement, so have fun with them! You don’t always have to follow the rules. With that being said, we do have one guideline that we do suggest you follow: as great as mixing and matching is, we don’t suggest mixing more than two different kinds of metallic hues. Tailored variety is where the magic happens! Now, let’s look to specifically where metallic items can be utilized in your decor to bring your feel to life:

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Tablescapes – From votive candles to vases and from to runners to linens, your tablescape is a perfect place for a pop of metallic.

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Place Settings– China, flatware, chargers and napkins are all small details that can be made fun by swapping them out for something silver or a touch of gold.

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Glassware – Whether it’s a water glass or a champagne flute… be daring! Add in a copper goblet or something with a rose gold design.

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Miscellaneous Décor Details– The possibilities for using metallics in your aesthetic are simply endless, so add them in wherever you can. The small details always count.

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Cake & Sweets– In our humble opinion, your dessert could always use a little touch of shine!

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Personal Details– Both you and your groom can have fun with adding these accents into your own style on the day of. No matter which metallic it is, they are all capable of making a statement, so your jewelry, his cuff links, a watch, a hair pin -all ways of bringing this inspiration into your personal look. Glam it up a bit, you won’t be sorry.

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With all that said, we hope you feel inspired about the idea of adding or playing around with metallics for your big day. They are lively, alluring, romantic, swoon-worthy… the list just goes on and on!

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