Marisa Nicole Featured at Creative Connection’s International Wine Event!

Happy Thursday Friends!

The votes are in! On Tuesday millions of Americans got out and voted for their candidate, but today I want to tell you about a lesser known little election that took place two weeks ago. On October 25th, I was happy to be a featured vendor for Creative Connection (Los Angeles Chapter)’s October Main Event!

We worked together with Emilee of Tasteful Tatters and Whitney of Five Sparrows Design Studio to design and organize a fun and fab event for female creatives in LA county.



We added an element of suspense to the evening by having two mystery wines (a red and a white) to test the ladies wine identification abilities. With all the cultural representation around the room, I was feeling as if we were slighting one of the most important wine countries of all – California! Therefore the mystery bottles, with labels covered by cute wraps compliments of Five Sparrows, were California wines. Apparently I made the white too easy to guess. Despite the Riesling we put down as an option to throw everyone off, at least 25% of the group correctly identified the white as a Moscato. However not a single attendee was able to correctly guess the Zinfandel – my Malbec rouse on the ballot worked perfectly and no one figured out the truth until the big reveal! The winners received perfectly packaged prizes from Tasteful Tatters and everyone enjoyed the evening.


The event was a success and the three organizers went home with a couple bottles of wine each.  Every lady left with a mini bottle of wine with my business card attached (best party favor ever!). The whole gathering was captured by talented Emilee Anne Hendryx.

Seriously though, if you’re looking for a fun party to host for your friends, this is the perfect way to get everyone together, chatting, having a good time and without costing you and arm and a leg (just assign everyone a different country and watch the magic come together). Good times, good times!



  1. It was great to photo this event! So much fun and such great details to photograph :) Nice job Marisa!!

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